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Forced Divorce and
Coerced Family Violence
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Photo overleaf: Ms. Lu Shuqiu with her daughter.
For appealing to the authorities not to persecute Falun Gong, Ms. Lu was imprisoned and tortured for eight months in Heizuizi Women's Labor
Camp. Frequent force-feedings and electric shocks destroyed her health and damaged her stomach and heart muscle.
The labor camp released Ms. Lu to avoid responsibility for her death. She managed to recover, but was then rearrested and tortured to death
in Jilin City's liaison office in Beijing.
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Forced Divorce and Coerced Family Violence
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Forced Divorce and Coerced Family Violence
Husband Sent Wife to Mental Hospital for
Psychiatric Torture
Lu Hongfeng,
female, 37, vice-principal of the No. 1
Elementary School, Lingwu City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous
In March 2000, the Education
Bureau of Lingwu City, Ningxia Hui
Autonomous Region suspended Ms. Lu
because she signed an appeal letter to
the government opposing the persecu-
tion of Falun Gong. As a result, she was
dismissed from her position as vice-prin-
Ms. Lu's husband, Qin Yuhuan
(Secretary General of the Communist
Party Committee of No. 1 Construction
Company in Lingwu City), took part in per-
secuting her. On May 6, 2000, he beat
her and kicked her out of their home. On June 7, 2000, Qin
Yuhuan, Dong Yun, head of the Hospitalization Department of
the Lingwu City Mental Hospital, and Nurse Tao Zhijun abduct-
ed Ms. Lu and took her to the Lingwu City Mental Hospital. In
the hospital, Ms. Lu was tied to a bed and forcibly injected and
force-fed with large amounts of nerve-damaging chemicals.
One doctor later revealed that one of the drugs was imported
from Germany, and a single tablet was enough to cause an
average person to lose consciousness for three days; however,
Ms. Lu was forced-fed 24 tablets every day. Ms. Lu was tor-
tured in the mental hospital for over 50 days, and by the time
she was sent home in July 2000, her central nervous system
had already been severely damaged. However, her husband
continued to beat her and feed her large doses of nerve-dam-
aging drugs. On September 6, 2000, she eventually died from
the mental and psychological abuses.
To cover up his crime of murder, Qin blamed Ms. Lu's
death on Falun Gong. The local government spread the fabri-
cated story about Ms. Lu's death through newspapers and on
TV, instead of reporting the true situation.
Heavy Fines Broke Ms. Wang's Family, and She Died
from Persecution
Wang Xiuyun, female, 47, resident of Huadian City, Jilin
Since July 20, 1999, Ms. Wang
Xiuyun had been arrested and detained
many times for going to Beijing to appeal
to the government for an end of the per-
secution of Falun Gong. The police had
extorted over 30,000 Yuan from Ms.
Wang's family. Ms. Wang's husband
could not endure the persecution and
divorced her. To avoid further arrests
and persecution, Ms. Wang had been liv-
ing on the streets.
On June 3, 2002, Ms. Wang and
eight other Falun Gong practitioners
were kidnapped and incarcerated at the Political Security
Division of the Huadian City Police Department. The police
beat Ms. Wang savagely, hung her up, shocked her with elec-
tric batons, forced her to sit still on an iron stool for long peri-
ods of time, and suffocated her by pulling a plastic bag over her
On October 9, 2002, the Huadian City Court staged a
secret trial for Ms. Wang and sentenced her to 12 years in
prison. Ms. Wang filed an appeal to challenge the sentencing
and went on a hunger strike for 49 days, but the police contin-
ued torturing her. As a result, she developed pulmonary edema
and pleural effusion. For three months, she had difficulty
breathing and had to sit upright all day and night because of
the orthopnea. She was hospitalized at the end of November
After three days in the hospital, Ms. Wang's condition
remained critical. However, the police forcibly took her back to
the detention center against the doctor's warning. On
December 7, 2002, Ms. Wang had to be returned to the hospi-
tal because of her worsening condition. Four days later, despite
her critical condition, and despite the pending appeal, the
police took her from the hospital and sent her to the Heizuizi
Prison in Changchun City, Jilin Province. She died ten days
Radio Free Asia: "Three More Falun Gong Practitioners Died Abnormally"
Ms. Lu Hongfeng
Ms. Wang Xiuyun
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Forced Divorce and Coerced Family Violence
Forcibly Divorced and Tortured in Jail Hospital
Sun Yuncheng, female, an employee of a satellite-tracking cen-
ter, Xi'an Province.
In December 2000, Ms. Sun Yuncheng was illegally sen-
tenced to one and a half years in jail for going to Beijing to
appeal for Falun Gong. Her husband, a military officer with the
rank of divisional commander, was forced to quit his job
because Ms. Sun practiced Falun Gong. Ms. Sun was further
threatened that if she did not give up her Falun Gong practice,
both she and her husband would lose their jobs. When Ms. Sun
refused to denounce Falun Gong, they were both dismissed
from their jobs. Under the intense pressure, her husband was
coerced to. Ms. Sun lost her family, her job, her apartment, and
became a homeless person. On September 12, 2002, police
from the Beilin Police Station illegally arrested Ms. Sun and
confiscated 41,700 Yuan. They interrogated her for two days
and nights with her hands cuffed behind her back, with one
hand pulled over her shoulder and the other one pulled up
from the waist. The handcuffs broke the skin and cut into her
flesh. Later, her arms were hung up over her head and she was
forced to squat down for over ten hours. At the same time,
police used sticks to twist her arms.
To protest and resist the persecution, Ms. Sun went on a
hunger strike, and was sent to the Jail Hospital in Ankang City,
where she continued the hunger strike. Police doctors tortured
her in various ways and injected her with unknown drugs. Each
time before she was injected, she would be bound to a bed for
about ten hours, causing her hands to bruise. She was left to
sleep on a bare bed with no quilts or sheets. She was not
allowed to use the toilet, and had to urinate in her pants.
During her hunger strike, she frequently vomited yellow fluids,
and her urine was a red color. Some nights, she could not go to
sleep. Even in such a situation, she was force-fed; the prison
police would forcibly insert the tube into her mouth.
Sometimes the tube was inserted into her windpipe. Almost
every time, her nose or mouth would bleed because of the tube
insertion. Once, after the police failed to insert the tube into
her mouth after more than ten tries, the angry head nurse, Liu
Qi, forcefully struck Ms. Sun's mouth. In the end, the police
could not break her will, and released her. She is currently
Father Forced to Send Daughter to
a Mental Hospital
Cheng Weihong, female, resident of Yanshan District, Jinan
City, Shandong Province.
In April 2000, Ms. Cheng Weihong went to Beijing to
appeal to the government to stop persecuting Falun Gong. She
was arrested and sent to the Shandong Provincial Mental
Hospital by the police from Heping Road Police Station in Lixia
District. In the mental hospital, she was forced to take drugs
and given injections that caused muscle spasms in her neck
and severe loss of her mental faculties. After Ms. Cheng was
released from the hospital, the police ordered her parents to
monitor her. The local police also monitored her parents'
house every day. Later, the local authorities ordered her father
to send Ms. Cheng to the mental hospital again, or else lose
their house and suffer arrest and jailing of other family mem-
bers. Ms. Lu's father pleaded to the Secretary of the District
Political and Legal Committee. However, nobody cared about
his appeal because persecuting Falun Gong was the national
policy. Under the pressure, Ms. Lu's father sent his daughter
back to the mental hospital against her will.
The Tribulations of Disabled Bo Minghua and Her Family
Bo Minghua, female, over 50, resident of Huainan City, Anhui
Province. She is blind.
Ms. Bo Minghua is a Falun Gong practitioner who has been
blind since birth and cannot care for herself. On August 21,
2000, merely for her practice of Falun Gong, the police interro-
gated her at the Huainan City Panji District Police Station for
three days and nights, without allowing her to sleep. Then they
sent her to the Hefei City Women's Labor Camp. The labor
camp did not accept her because of her blindness.
At around midnight on August 21, 2001, Wang Huaijing
and Xu Hong from the Politics and Security Section of the
Huainan City Panji District Police Station, Huainan City, Anhui
Province again ransacked Ms. Bo's home, this time sending
her husband for brainwashing in Huainan City. Ms. Bo and her
daughter were separately detained at the Huainan City Panji
District Police Station. On the third day, Ms. Bo was sent for
brainwashing because she refused to give up Falun Gong. She
was forced to write a so-called "transformation statement." The
second day after her release she immediately wrote a solemn
declaration that the "transformation statement" was invalid.
This both exposed and shocked the police. They tried to arrest
her again, so she had to leave home. Ms. Bo is now living on
the streets.
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Forced Divorce and Coerced Family Violence
Under Intense Pressure, Ms. Zhang's Husband
Divorced Her
Zhang Yufen, female, an instructor at the Changchun
Technology and Engineering University in Jilin Province
Ms. Zhang Yufen was an excellent young instructor at the
Changchun Technology and Engineering University. However,
she was persecuted simply because she refused to stop prac-
ticing Falun Gong. In 2001, Ms. Zhang scored the second-high-
est grade on the admissions exam and was accepted to a PhD
program at the university. However, the director of the Office of
Graduate Studies removed Ms. Zhang's name from the PhD
program because Ms. Zhang was a Falun Gong practitioner.
At the end of April 2002, the university's Party Secretary,
Wang Guozhong, cut off Ms. Zhang's salary. The university
authorities also forced Ms. Zhang's husband to send her to a
brainwashing center. They deceived Ms. Zhang's husband,
telling him that everything would be fine in the brainwashing
center, and that all of Ms. Zhang's withheld salary would be
returned to the couple. Under pressure, Ms. Zhang's husband
cooperated with the university authorities, enabling them to
kidnap Ms. Zhang and force her to attend the Xinglongshan
brainwashing center in Changchun City.
While Ms. Zhang was detained in the brainwashing center,
the authorities further forced her husband to divorce her. In the
brainwashing center, Ms. Zhang was persecuted in various
ways. She was locked in a solitary confinement room and
forced to read government propaganda materials slandering
Falun Gong. Ms. Zhang tried to escape from the brainwashing
class, but fell from the fourth story of a building. She broke her
neck during the fall, and her present condition is extremely
Forced to Divorce and Tortured in a Psychiatric
Hu Keling, female, a teacher at the Shiyan Middle School of
Laixi City, Shandong Province.
On December 28, 2001, Ms. Hu Keling was arrested sim-
ply because she visited the home of another Falun Gong prac-
titioner. Ms. Hu's husband, Gao Ruibo, was a Communist Party
leader in Diabu Town. Because he was under pressure and
wanted to protect his position, Gao divorced Ms. Hu. The
Municipal Court cooperated with the Laixi city authority to
expedite the process and "legalize" the divorce on the second
day. The court not only gave all of their property to Gao, but
also ordered Ms. Hu to pay 400 Yuan per month in child sup-
port for their daughter.
Because he cooperated with the authorities, Gao was pro-
moted, and became a Communist Party leader in Laixi City.
Gao proudly intensified his persecution of his ex-wife. He beat
Ms. Hu many times, causing her head and body to become very
bruised. Her legs and feet were swollen. When Ms. Hu prac-
ticed the Falun Gong exercises, he would urinate on her. Gao
even tried to forcibly send Ms. Hu to a mental hospital, but Ms.
Hu managed to escape. While Ms. Hu was forced to become
homeless, Gao deceived their daughter, causing her to develop
hostility toward her mother.
When Ms. Hu was forced to flee from her home, Gao coop-
erated with the Laixi City "610 Office" to have Ms. Hu arrested.
Eventually, Gao's information led to Ms. Hu's second arrest in
late September 2002. Gao then signed documents to send Ms.
Hu to the Laixi City Mental Hospital, although he was Ms. Hu's
ex-husband and had no legal right to do so.
Ms. Hu suffered vicious psychiatric torture in the mental
hospital. She was tied to a bed, beaten, shocked, forcibly
injected, and fed nerve-damaging drugs. According to a wit-
ness, Ms. Hu's entire body is swollen, and her life is in immi-
nent danger.
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Wang Xingui Forced to Leave Home
Wang Xingui, female, farmer from Hejiadian, Shandan Village,
Wushan County, Gansu Province.
Ms. Wang Xingui, her husband, Mr. Huang Yuanyi, and
their two children are all Falun Gong practitioners. Since the
July 1999 banning of Falun Gong in China, they have been
arrested, detained, beaten, and fined many times. Their home
has also been ransacked frequently and they have become
destitute. On November 23, 2000, to avoid being detained, the
couple was forced to leave home and live on the streets. On
December 22, 2000, they went to Beijing to appeal to the gov-
ernment to stop persecuting Falun Gong. Mr. Huang's mother
and two of his children also went to Beijing to appeal in early
January 2001. Mr. Huang, his mother, and the children were
arrested and escorted back to Wushan County. Police released
only the 10-year-old daughter. Mr. Huang, his mother, and the
18-year-old son are still being detained. Mr. Huang's 66-year-
old father could not bear the persecution of his family and
committed suicide; the family was not permitted to hold a
funeral for him.
In Beijing, Ms. Wang was detained at the Xuanwu District
Detention Center, where she was forced to sleep on the
cement floor without any covers. She refused to give her name
and address and was beaten by three prison guards. In protest,
Ms. Wang began a hunger strike. Fearing that she would die
from the hunger strike and the cold, the police dragged her out
of the detention center and left her on a street in Beijing on the
evening of the 19th day of her hunger strike. She was on the
verge of death. She cannot return to her home because she
would most likely be arrested again, and so she must live in
exile in other provinces.
Ms. Wang's grandmother-in-law, who is over 80 years old,
lives alone with no one to take care of her. Ms. Wang's 15-year-
old son is having a very difficult time working on the farm to
support two families, and Ms. Wang's 10-year-old daughter is
in foster care.
Forcibly Divorced and Dead from Torture
in a Labor Camp
Hou Youfang, female, 48, a physics teacher at Xipo Village
Middle School of Jinchang City, Gansu Province.
Ms. Hou Youfang went to Beijing to appeal for an end to
the persecution of Falun Gong. As a result, she was dismissed
from the school and fined more than 9,000 Yuan (the average
monthly income of an urban worker is 500 Yuan). Her family
could not afford such a large sum of money. Under the pres-
sure, her husband divorced her, thereby keeping his job
secure. In August 2001, Ms. Hou was sent to Ping'antai Labor
Camp in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province because she practiced
Falun Gong. On November 29, 2002, Ms. Hou was tortured to
death at the labor camp. Her ribs and pelvis were severely frac-
tured, her internal organs were badly injured, and her body had
hemorrhaged internally. Shortly after her death, the police sent
her body to be cremated.
Yu Ruiying and Her Husband Became Homeless to
Avoid Further Persecution
1. Yu Ruiying, female, 47, resident of Haiyang City, Shandong
2. Qi Xuekuai, male, Yu Ruiying's husband, resident of
Haiyang City, Shandong Province
On July 21, 1999 Ms. Yu Ruiying went to Beijing to appeal
to the central government to stop persecuting Falun Gong prac-
titioners. Ms. Yu was arrested and escorted back to Haiyang
City, and detained at an anti-Falun Gong Brainwashing Class.
After her release, she wrote a letter to the local political depart-
ment explaining how she had benefited from practicing Falun
Gong. Once again Ms. Yu was sent to the brainwashing class.
On February 4, 2000, Ms. Yu was held in custody just for hav-
ing stepped outside of her house. The next day, she practiced
Falun Gong exercises outdoors and was detained for fifteen
Through her husband's workplace the police tried to pres-
sure Ms. Yu to renounce Falun Gong. They told her husband Mr.
Qi Xuekuai that he had three options: he would have to prevent
her from appealing or practicing Falun Gong or they would sus-
pend his salary, he would have to pay for someone to keep sur-
veillance on her, or they would send her to the mental hospital
and he would have to pay for the drugs used on his wife.
Her husband chose the first option. Therefore, he had to
report to the work place everyday about his wife. Mr. Qi was
unable to work for a month due to the mental pressure. Yet the
police of the Haiyang City Police Station kept on threatening
him. Finally Mr. Qi could not bear the pressure any more and
left, leaving Ms. Yu and their daughter at home.
On July 20, 2000, Ms. Yu went to visit her mother. The
police from the Haiyang Police Station with camera in hand
came to arrest her, fortunately, she had already left for her
younger sister's house. Then, the police headed her sister's
house immediately, but Ms. Yu managed to escape, however,
she could not return home anymore. The police constantly
threaten Ms. Yu's daughter, a high school student. This
younger girl's performance at school is adversely affected by
the aggravating situation.
Forced Divorce and Coerced Family Violence