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Photo overleaf: Water Dungeon
This is a deadly solitary confinement. A victim is stripped naked, locked in an iron cage with spikes on all sides, and lowered into a pit of filthy
water until the water reaches the victim's neck. The victim cannot lean to any side because of the spikes, and cannot squat down because the
water. Many practitioners have suffered this torture and some have died.
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Paralyzed from Severe Torture
Li Huiqi, female, 35, former employee of the Shijiazhuang Paint
Factory, Hebei Province.
On December 2, 2001, Ms. Li Huiqi was abducted by offi-
cials from the Weiming Street Police Station in Shijiazhuang
City, then detained in the Shijiazhuang City No. 1 Detention
Center for two months. On February 2, 2002, she was sen-
tenced to one year of forced labor in the Shijiazhuang Labor
Camp, "retroactive to the day she was arrested."
To force Ms. Li to give up her faith in Falun Gong, the
guards in the labor camp tortured her severely. Ms. Li was in
critical condition a number of times as a result of this severe
torture. Her family requested to see her repeatedly, but their
requests were all rejected. On April 8, 2002, Ms. Li's condition
deteriorated so much that the labor camp had to send her to
the People's Hospital of Hebei Province for emergency care.
Only at this point was her family allowed to see her. Ms. Li was
later transferred to the Third Hospital of Hebei Province for
treatment, but her injuries were so severe that the doctors
could not heal her paralysis. She also suffered from lung and
urinary system injuries, all resulting from the severe torture.
Her whole body twitched constantly, and she often lost con-
sciousness. The doctors had to use a respirator to maintain her
On December 3, 2002, Zhao Jinlong, the director of
Shijiazhuang Labor Camp, and policeman Zhou Yilin demand-
ed that the hospital halt its intensive care for Ms. Li. The
excuse was that Ms. Li's one-year sentence was over! She was
thus forcibly moved out of hospital.
Beaten to Blindness
Sun Changli, female, 44, resident of Hongmiaozi Village in
Xinbin County, Fushun City, Liaoning Province.
Ms. Sun Changli was detained in the Wujiabao Labor
Camp. To force her to give up practicing Falun Gong, the guards
there repeatedly tortured her. One night in late December
2001, several guards dragged Ms. Sun out of her cell and
began another torture session. They forced her to maintain a
squatting position for a long time, and then forced her to bend
forward with her two arms stretched out sideways, the so-
called "flying an airplane" torture. The police beat her savage-
ly whenever she could not hold this agonizing position. This tor-
ture lasted for four hours. Eventually, the police beat Ms. Sun
to the point that she completely lost her eyesight. However, she
was still tortured in the days that followed. Moreover, they
threatened to beat her to death if she dared to tell people how
she was beaten to blindness.
Eye Popped out from Beating
Zhang Binghui, female, 51, resident of Changchun City, Jilin
Province. On February 10, 2002, Ms. Zhang Binghui was
detained at the Changchun City's Kaixuan Hospital because
she refused to renounce her belief in Falun Gong. The doctors
and nurses at the hospital viciously beat Ms. Zhang with an
electric baton and other instruments, causing one of her eyes
to fall out. She was transferred to the Changchun City Center
Hospital, but her eye could not be saved.
Loss of Eyesight Due to Severe Torture
Liu Xiaolian, female, 61, resident of Chibi Town, Chibi City,
Hubei Province.
In December of 2000, Ms. Liu Xiaolian was detained in a
labor camp in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province because she
went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Gong. She was
denied drinking water for nine days and beaten by police. Later,
she was escorted to a detention center in her hometown. She
was detained at the detention center for 20 months and suf-
fered various forms of torture. She was never allowed a family
visit or a full night's sleep. She was once forced to kneel on the
ground for twelve hours. On a number of occasions, officer Ye
Jun beat Ms. Liu so viciously that she lost consciousness. As a
result of the severe torture, Ms. Liu could not walk, sit, eat,
move, or get up, and she lost vision in both eyes. However, the
police continued to detain and torture her. Once, Ye Jun
punched and kicked Ms. Liu in her lower abdomen so hard that
her internal organs were severely damaged and she had to be
sent to the hospital for treatment. In the hospital, despite her
injuries and blindness, she was forcibly injected with a poison-
ous substance that caused her to vomit blood and pass blood
in her stool. She was released only after she went on a hunger
strike. However, as soon as her eyesight got better, she was
detained again.
Ms. Li Huiqi's legs are deformed and
she could not stand up
Ms. Li Huiqi is paralyzed and relies on a
respirator to breathe
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Hung Up with Arms Handcuffed and Tortured for
over 100 days
Qiu Cuixiang, female, 50, resident of Chongqing City, Sichuan
In 2001, while detained at the Chongqing City Women's
Labor Camp, Ms. Qiu Cuixiang was hung up with her arms
handcuffed behind her back for more than 100 days. While
hung in this position, she was tortured in a variety of ways: her
eyes were poked with pins when she dozed off slightly; her face
was completely covered with yellow adhesive tape, including
her nose and mouth, causing her to pass out from suffocation;
and she was beaten until she was bruised all over. Early one
morning, a guard cut all her hair, leaving just a small spot on
the top of her head to insult her. They then wrote remarks slan-
dering Falun Gong all over her body. Right before the New Year
of 2002, the labor camp officials extended Ms. Qiu's detention
term by ten months because she still refused to renounce
Falun Gong.
Policeman Burned Face with Cigarette
Zhao Fengying, female, resident of Caojiatugou Village,
Hongshagou Town, Weifang City, Shandong Province; her
hometown was Dongnan Village, Hongshagou Town.
On March 6, 2000, Ms. Zhao Fengying took a train from
Weifang City to Beijing to appeal to the government to stop per-
secuting Falun Gong. At 3 p.m. on March 8, local police abduct-
ed her from a Beijing hotel. Around 8:30 p.m., police officer
Song Shuling started beating and kicking her violently. At about
11 p.m., Song grasped Ms. Zhao's hair and used his cigarette
to burn her face about
30 times. Ms. Zhao
was sent back to
Weifang City, arriving
at about 6 a.m. on
March 10, 2000.
Forced to Stand in the Snow for Three Days
and Deprived of Sleep for Seven
Mu Xiangjie, female, resident of Hongqiao District, Tianjin City.
Ms. Mu Xiangjie was detained at the Tianjin City Women's
Labor Camp. Because she refused to give up practicing Falun
Gong. In January 2000, Ms. Mu was forced to stand outside in
the snow for three days and nights. She suffered such severe
frostbite that her hands and feet swelled and festered, leaving
her unable to walk for a month. However, the guards still used
a pair of small handcuffs on her. They handcuffed her so tight-
ly that the handcuffs cut into her flesh and caused her wrists
to bleed. The guards also placed her in solitary confinement
and strapped her arms to a steel bar in the window so she
could not sleep for seven days. They shocked Ms. Mu in her
mouth with an electric baton and beat her arms with electric
batons. After she was released from solitary confinement, Ms.
Mu could not move her legs and there were blood blisters cov-
ering her arms.
Although Ms. Mu was severely weakened by the torture,
the guards still forced her to do hard labor for long hours, get-
ting up at 5 a.m. and having to work until 1 or 2 a.m.
Forced to Walk on Knees
Huang Cengxiu, female, 68, resident of Chibi City, Hubei
Since July 20, 1999, Ms. Huang Cengxiu has been arrest-
ed four times and detained for a total of almost two years. She
was interrogated many times. Once, she was forced to kneel
down and walk on her knees. On another occasion, Officer Ye
Jun slapped her face so severely that her entire face turned
black and blue and her lips bled. Later, her left hand was hand-
cuffed to the top of a window frame and she was forced to
kneel down, suspended. During her fourth detention period at
the Jiyu Police Station, while she was sitting cross-legged, one
policeman pulled her left leg free and stomped on her right
ankle with his boot heel. Later, a number of guards kicked her
repeatedly. Her right leg remained swollen for weeks.
The photos of Ms. Zhao were taken at the
Hongshagou Police Station of Weifang City
at around 8 a.m. on March 10, 2000
background image
Face Disfigured from Beating
Zang Yuxia, female, resident of Daqing City, Heilongjiang
One day in April 2002, several policemen broke into and
ransacked Ms. Zang Yuxia's home without a warrant. Failing to
find what they wanted, they forced Ms. Zang and her child, who
is not a Falun Gong practitioner, into the police car. While in
police custody, Ms. Zang was tortured severely. The torture left
her face deformed, and her body was traumatized. She devel-
oped a high temperature of over 40C that lasted a very long
time and made her comatose.
Fingers Squeezed Between Chopsticks,
Body Doused With Hot Water
1. Yang Jingxin, female, 37, resident of Weiping Township,
Xingcheng County, Liaoning Province.
2. Lu Guifang, female, 50, resident of Weiping Township,
Xingcheng County, Liaoning Province.
3. Zhao Yuhua, female, 41, resident of Weiping Township,
Xingcheng County, Liaoning Province.
On April 24, 2002, Falun Gong Practitioners Ms. Yang
Jingxin, Ms. Lu Guifang, and Ms. Zhao Yuhua went to Beijing to
appeal to the government to stop persecuting Falun Gong. At 5
a.m. on April 25, they were arrested and detained at the
Tiananmen Square Police Station.
At the Tiananmen Square Police Station, the police
stripped Ms. Yang, Ms. Lu, and Ms. Zhao down to their under-
wear and handcuffed their hands behind their backs. The
police inserted chalk and chopsticks between their fingers and
squeezed very hard. Their fingers were squeezed until the
chalk was crushed and the chopsticks broken. This torture
caused their fingers to turn dark blue and become severely
swollen. The police also poured boiling hot water over Ms.
Yang. Her entire body swelled up, and she lost consciousness
twice during the five hours of torture.
Later, Ms. Yang, Ms. Lu and Ms. Zhao were sent to the
notorious Masanjia Labor Camp.
Internal Organs Damaged and Bones Broken
from Torture
Li Shujie, female, resident of Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province
In early November of 2001, police broke into Ms. Li
Shujie's home and took her to the Anshunlu Police Station. A
group of policemen led by Liu Dayi took turns beating her. They
tied her down to a "tiger bench" and beat her savagely, caus-
ing her to bleed badly. When Ms. Li lost her control of bladder,
officer Liu soaked up Ms Li's blood and urine from the floor
and wiped it on her face, using filthy words to insult her. They
also covered her head with a plastic bag to suffocate her and
repeatedly poked her face with needles. Only when she lost
consciousness did they remove the plastic bag. However, as
soon as she regained consciousness, they continued the tor-
ture. As a result of the torture, several of Ms. Li's bones were
broken, and her face and body were covered with bruises. The
police then imprisoned her in the Qiqihar First Detention
A few days later, officer Liu took Ms. Li into a room for inter-
rogation and beat her up once again. The severe beating
injured her internal organs, causing severe bleeding. Despite
her critical condition, the directors of the detention center, Mr.
Feng and Mr. Yang, refused to send her for medical treatment.
Instead, Mr. Yang ordered a staff member to inject her with an
unknown substance. A month later, the police took Ms. Li away
from the detention center.
Shocked on Sensitive Body Parts and Vomited
a Liter of Blood
Wang Shouhui, female, resident of Changchun City, Jilin
Because of her belief in Falun Gong, she had been repeat-
edly arrested and tortured by local police. In mid-April 2002,
Ms. Wang was arrested once again. She was sent to the
Changchun Police Station. The policemen blindfolded her and
took her to a torture room on the hill near Jingyuetan, where
they tortured her on the "tiger bench" for two days. They
shocked her with electric batons on her breasts and genitals.
They beat her face, head, and breasts until she vomited up
nearly a liter of blood. The left side of her face was fractured,
and she lost the vision in her left eye due to the beating. The
police then sent Ms. Wang to the Shuangyang Detention
Center, where her lungs became infected because of the tor-
ture. She went on a hunger strike to protest the detention. The
police released her only when her condition became so critical
that they feared she might die in custody.
The large bruise covered Ms. Zang Yuxia's face and ear
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Force-FFed Two Bottles of Hot Mustard Oil
Lin Lixin, female, in her 40s, resident of Mudanjiang City,
Heilongjiang Province.
On January 16, 2002, policemen from the Mudanjiang City
Police Station arrested Ms. Lin Lixin and secretly sentenced
her to a six-year jail term in the Mudanjiang City Detention
Center. On April 2002, Ms. Lin went on hunger strike to protest
the maltreatment she suffered in the detention center. The
guards first attempted to force-feed her through a tube insert-
ed into her mouth. When that failed, they forcibly inserted a
tube through her nose, and left the tube in her nose for a long
period of time for force-feeding. They even force-fed Ms. Lin two
bottles of hot mustard oil. This caused severe injury to Ms.
Lin's stomach, and she vomited a lot of blood. On July 12,
2002, Ms. Lin had to be sent to a hospital for resuscitation.
However, on August 23, 2002, she was taken back to the
detention center. Ms. Lin was terribly emaciated. Her legs were
thinner than ordinary people's arms, and she could not open
her eyes, speak, or move. Nevertheless, the police still kept
heavy foot shackles on her.
Shocked and Beaten during a Hunger Strike
Zhang Shuxia, female, resident of Qinghe District, Tieling City,
Liaoning Province.
Because Ms. Zhang Shuxia refused to renounce her belief
in Falun Gong, on August 1, 2002, she was arrested and taken
to the Qinghe Police Station at Tieling City. The police hand-
cuffed Ms. Zhang and hung her up by her hands and her left
foot. She was left hanging in this agonizing position for over
five hours. Meanwhile, the police used electric batons to shock
her, and they kicked her hard with leather boots. The torture
left black and blue marks all over her body.
On August 5, 2002, Wang Yi and several other policemen
interrogated Ms. Zhang again. At that point, she was on a
hunger strike and had been without food and water for five
days. Her body was so weak that it was difficult for her to
stand, yet the policemen shocked Ms. Zhang's hands, armpits,
ears, head, and other sensitive parts of her body with electric
batons. The torture lasted from 2:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Her
whole body was trembling. Her pained cries could be heard
throughout the corridor. Not wanting her screams to be heard,
Wang Yi gagged Ms. Zhang's mouth with a towel. After the elec-
tric shocks, her ears and armpits were swollen, and she devel-
oped large blisters. During the whole interrogation and torture
session, she was not allowed to use bathroom, and was forced
to defecate in her pants.
Ms. Zhang was later released, but was forced to become
homeless to avoid further persecution.
Severe Injury of Esophagus from Force-FFeeding
On April 19, 2002, policemen from the Liulinqiao Police
Station abducted Ms. Zhang Jie, a resident of Handan City,
Hebei Province, and took her to the No. 1 Detention Center of
Handan. When Ms. Zhang went on a hunger strike to protest
her detention, the guards force-fed her by inserting a tube into
her mouth, badly injuring her esophagus in the process. This
caused a large amount of blood to gush out from her mouth.
On another occasion, police guard Wu Xia tormented Ms.
Zhang for a period of 24 hours by tying her arms so tightly
behind her back that the insides of her arms touched each
other. As a result, the nerves in Ms. Zhang's thumbs were dam-
aged, and she lost all sensation in her thumbs. Later, the
police guards placed a 60-pound shackle on Ms. Zhang's feet
and chained her hands to the shackle. She was left in this ago-
nizing position for seven days and seven nights, during which
time she was not allowed to eat, use the restroom, or sleep. As
a result, her entire body became swollen and she had to be
sent for emergency treatment. The police have blocked any fur-
ther information about Ms. Zhang.
Teeth Chipped from Force-FFeeding
Gao Shuyun, female, resident of Tiefa City, Liaoning Province.
On February 12, 2002, policemen broke into Ms. Gao
Shuyun's home and confiscated her personal property. Ms.
Gao was then sentenced to three years of forced labor in the
Tieling Labor Camp. During her detention, Ms. Gao went on a
hunger strike for 41 days. On the sixth day of her hunger strike,
the doctor in the labor camp stabbed the arches of her feet
with needles. In order to force-feed her, officer Tian ordered
several inmates to sit on her, while others tried to open her
teeth with a toothbrush and a steel spoon, causing four of her
front teeth to chip. She was in critical condition after repeated
force-feeding, and was diagnosed with intestinal adhesions,
hypertension, and an abnormal electrocardiogram. The labor
camp released her for fear that she would die in custody. After
her release, policeman Wang Biao of the Tiefa City Police
Station extorted 1,000 Yuan from her family.
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Two Elderly Women Beaten by a Gang of
Government Officials
1. Zhang Yuhua, female, 55, resident of Daqinjia Town,
Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province.
2. Wang Lianfang, female, 58, resident of Daqinjia Town,
Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province.
On November 9, 1999, Ms. Zhang Yuhua and Ms. Wang
Lianfang were arrested while on their way to Beijing to appeal
to the government to stop persecuting Falun Gong. Police
escorted them to the Daqinjia Town Government bureau, and a
gang of dozens of staff came out to assault these two elderly
women and rob them of their money. Four young men held
each old woman down, while dozens of people took turns beat-
ing and kicking them. The two old women passed out many
times during their one-day and two-night ordeal of torture.
Then they were sent to the Zhaoyuan City Police Bureau and
detained for 15 days.
Pushed off from the 4th Floor
Liu Tao, female, 28, resident of Tangu district, Shijiazhuang
City, Hebei Province.
In October 2000, the police arrested Ms. Liu Tao for telling
people about Falun Gong. She was sentenced to three years of
forced labor at Shijiazhuang Labor Camp, Hebei Province. The
camp guards used various means to force her to renounce
Falun Gong, including handcuffing her, placing her in solitary
confinement, forcing her to stand, and depriving her of sleep
for an extensive amount of time.
On May 11, 2001, at approximately 7:00 a.m., the guards
once more tortured Ms. Liu, and forced her to jump from the
fourth floor of a building. The impact caused ten broken bones,
four of which were compound fractures. The camp officials did
not send Mr. Liu to the hospital or give her any treatment until
11:00 a.m., by which time Ms. Liu had lost consciousness as a
result of bleeding.
Ms. Liu was sent back to the labor camp only 26 days after
surgery, still encased in a body cast, even though she had steel
pins in various parts of her body. The police denied her family's
repeated requests to bail her out for independent hospitaliza-
tion. In January 2002, the police transferred Ms. Liu to the
Hebei Law Enforcement Education Center for further persecu-
Beaten with an Electric Baton and Wooden Stick
Zhong Bo, female, 42, resident of Anda City, Heilongjiang
Province, an employee of the Anda Chemistry Factory.
At 9:00 a.m. on May 31, 2002, Liu Yingshan, an officer
from the "610 Office" of Anda City, led six policemen to Ms.
Zhong Bo's home. They confiscated her family's property and
forcibly searched her, groping her body. They then took Ms.
Zhong to the Anda City Politics and Administration Department.
The vice-director of the Anda City Police Department, Wang
Jun, ordered several policemen to strap Ms. Zhong to a chair
and beat her. Liu Yingshan shocked Ms. Zhong's back with an
electric baton, and Wang Jun fiercely beat Ms. Zhong's head
and body with a wooden stick until she passed out.
Later at the hospital, an examination showed that two of
Ms. Zhong's right ribs were broken; there were inch-long
wounds at the corners of her eyes and ears; her teeth were bro-
ken; her whole face was black and swollen; and her body was
covered with severe bruises. Ms. Zhong has not yet completely
recovered. She has no memory of what happened and she can-
not take care of herself. However, the police still do not leave
her alone. She is under constant surveillance.
Elderly ladies bruised by
background image
Zheng Donghui, female, 30, former accountant at the
Changchun Optical and Mechanical Instrument Factory,
Changchun City, Jilin Province.
Ms. Zheng Donghui has been held at the Heizuizi Women's
Labor Camp in Changchun City. To force her to give up Falun
Gong, the guards at the labor camp have continuously tortured
her in many ways. She was once locked in solitary confinement
in a small cell for over two weeks. The cell was dark and damp,
and had no window, water, or toilet. Ms. Zheng had to defecate
and urinate inside the same small cell. She was also not
allowed to wash herself. When she was released from the cell,
the stench in the cell was unbearable.
In the summer of 2001, the guards forced her to wear felt
shoes, which caused her to have fungal infections throughout
the summer.
To protest the cruel treatment, Ms. Zheng went on a
hunger strike for three months. Labor camp guard Liu Lianying
not only force-fed her, but also shocked Ms. Zheng every day on
her neck and face for three months. As a result, her neck and
face became black and blue, and at one point a large, fester-
ing wound on the back of her neck became infected. She suf-
fered severe pain as a result of this wound. Because the con-
tinuous electric shocks, Ms. Zheng developed severe heart
problems, but was not allowed to medical treatment. Her
health declined rapidly, and her life is in grave danger.
As of June 2002, Ms. Zheng is still being detained at the
Changchun City Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp.
Lu Shuqiu, female, 46, resident of Jilin City, Jilin Province.
In October 2000, Ms. Lu decided to go to Beijing to appeal
to the government to stop persecuting Falun Gong. She was
arrested and escorted back to Jilin City. On November 24,
2000, she was sent to the Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp in
Changchun City, Jilin Province, where she was imprisoned and
tortured for eight months.
At the labor camp, Ms. Lu was forced to take on an exces-
sive workload every day. She was forced to work from 4:00 a.m.
to 11:00 p.m. She had no break during the day, not even to go
to the restroom.
In addition to forced hard labor, the guards tortured Ms. Lu
constantly to force her to renounce Falun Gong. As a result, she
lost so much weight that she became little more than skin and
bones. However, the torture escalated. In April 2001, the
guards shocked her with several electric batons simultaneous-
ly. To protest the cruel treatment, Ms. Lu started a hunger
strike in May 2001. Guards handcuffed Ms. Lu to an iron
board, electrical shocked her, and force-fed her three times a
day with rotten vegetable soup. Ms. Lu's health was complete-
ly destroyed from so much torture. The electric shocks caused
damage to her heart muscle, and the force-feeding injured her
stomach. She eventually developed vagina hemorrhaging and
was on the verge of death.
The labor camp sent Ms. Lu home at the end of July 2001
to avoid responsibility for her death in custody. Ms. Lu was able
to recover. However, in February of 2002, she was arrested
again, and was tortured to death in Jilin City's liaison office in
Torture: Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp
Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp
Changchun City, Jilin Province
Electric Shock, Woolen Shoes, Small Cell, and Forced Labor in the Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp
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Force-FFed, Lost Teeth, and Lost Half of her Weight
Gong Zhihui, female, 37, resident of Miyi County, Panzhihua
City, Sichuan Province.
In August 2001, police from Binggu
Police Station of Miyi County arrested
Ms. Gong Zhihui while she was visiting
fellow Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Gao
Nongying's home. She was detained at
the political security section of the Miyi
Police Bureau. Policeman Zhou Ling
and others shackled Ms. Gong, forced
her to maintain a half-squatting posi-
tion for two days and nights, and beat
her during the whole "interrogation".
Later, Ms. Gong was transferred to Miyi
Detention Center. During her detention,
director Wu and the guards continuously tortured Ms. Gong. In
February 2002, Ms. Gong was released because she had
become extremely weakened by their torture.
Shortly after her release, the authorities of Panlian
Township of Sichuan Province arrested Ms. Gong again while
she was talking to others about the persecution of Falun Gong.
She was taken to the local police station, where Xiang Jinfa,
the head of the political security section, hung Ms. Gong up by
her handcuffs for one hour and prohibited her from the use of
the restroom. Then she was taken to the interrogation room,
where she was shackled throughout the night in a painful posi-
tion, in which she could neither
stand straight nor squat. By the
next morning, Ms. Gong was too
weak and in too much pain to
stand up. The police officers noti-
fied her family to pick her up.
Not long after her second
release, Ms. Gong went to Beijing
to appeal on behalf of Falun
Gong. She was arrested and jailed
at the Dongcheng District
Detention Center in Beijing. The
police grabbed Ms. Gong by her
hair, swung her head, and banged
it against the wall. Much of her
hair was pulled out. When Ms.
Gong went on a hunger strike to
protest the inhuman treatment,
police instigated other inmates to
kick and punch her. They also
force-fed her while pinching her
tendons and plugging her nose.
As a result, Ms. Gong was unable
to walk and two of her teeth were
knocked out.
Ten days later, she was sent back to Neijiang Detention
Center of Sichuang Province and detained there for 37 days.
While in custody, her condition deteriorated, and she vomited
blood and suffered heart ischemia. Ms. Gong was losing her
eyesight and was on the verge of death. To avoid the responsi-
bility having her die in their custody, the officials of the deten-
tion center released Ms. Gong. At that point, Ms. Gong's body
weight had dropped from over 110 lbs to only 55 lbs.
All Four Limbs Shackled and Force-FFed for Over
Three Months
Liu Mingwei, female, employee of the Jilin City Water Company,
resident of Jilin City, Jilin Province.
Because Ms. Liu Mingwei went to
Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in
August 1999, she was fired from her
workplace. Then, at the end of
September 1999, she was sen-
tenced to one year in a labor camp.
After her release from the labor
camp, on November 22, 2000 Ms.
Liu was arrested again and sen-
tenced to three years in the
Changchun City Women's Prison, Jilin
Province. Upon arriving there, the
guards tried to force her to give up
Falun Gong, and so Ms. Liu began a hunger strike that lasted
for nine months. She was released on October 6, 2002, but
was under 24-hour surveillance at home by local policemen.
On October 22, 2002, she was arrested once again
because she had bought a ticket to Beijing and it was pre-
sumed she would make another appeal. She was once again
detained at the Changchun Women's Prison. During her deten-
tion, one inmate, Yin, was ordered to curse at her and beat her
every day. Once this inmate put a mop cloth into her mouth and
rubbed very hard, creating many blood blisters in her mouth.
After Ms. Liu went on a hunger strike to protest the torture,
guards force-fed her salt and raw corn gruel through a thick
tube every day. They left the tube inside her stomach for a long
time and shackled her limbs all the time so that she couldn't
move an inch. This abuse lasted for over three months. The tor-
ture made Ms. Liu extremely emaciated and weak.
Torture: Yongchuan Women's Prison
Ms. Gong Zhihui before
being tortured
Ms. Gong's teeth knocked
out while being force-fed
Ms. Gong's hair has been
torn out after the torture
Ms. Liu Mingwei
background image
A Personal Experience of Torture at
the Huadian Police Station
By Ban Huijuan
My name is Ban Huijuan and I am a Falun Gong practition-
er. On June 3, 2002, I was kidnapped by the local police, who
took me to the Political and Security Team of the Police
Department of Huadian City, Jilin Province. I was brutally tor-
tured there.
At around midnight on June 3, Police Chief Wang held a
meeting with those who had been taking turns beating me, and
threatened me afterward, "Ban Huijuan, be stubborn, I want to
see you stubborn." He then nodded to those vicious police-
men. By 3 a.m., seeing that I still refused to provide them with
the information they asked for, three policemen bound me onto
a bed and forcefully stretched out my limbs. The blood flow to
my limbs was stopped as a result and I suffered a great deal of
pain. Seeing that I remained silent, they shouted as a threat,
"We are going to call in two rapists, feed them aphrodisiacs,
and then have them rape you!" Then they used different
objects to stab at my body and sensitive areas. I shouted out.
It took them by surprise, so they stopped their activities and
switched to a different tactic. They soaked napkins with water
and put them on my face one by one to suffocate me. After five
layers of napkins, I started to lose consciousness, and I don't
know how long it was before they removed the napkins to keep
me from suffocating to death. They repeated this suffocation
routine several times, but I still didn't say a word. They then
blew cigarette smoke into a plastic bag and placed it over my
face. This choked me terribly.
They went from one form of torture to another until 9 a.m.
the next morning. The deputy team leader named Jin came in
and said, "We have found your husband, Xu Guijun, your print-
er for printing Falun Gong materials, and everything else. Now
I want to see if you confess." Three policemen came in and sav-
agely beat me. I was soaked with sweat and lost conscious-
ness. They poured cold water on my face and put a dirty sock
into my mouth, saying, "Don't let her shout out."
I was sent to another detention center in the evening on
June 4 and was locked in a "small cell" with two other Falun
Gong practitioners. A small cell is a very small room with no
window, no bathroom, and no beds. We were imprisoned in the
room for over three months, and by that time, due to the damp-
ness and unsanitary conditions, we all got scabies. The condi-
tions were so bad that eventually our cell was filled with knee-
deep putrid water. The guards were forced to move us to anoth-
er small cell, but the conditions also quickly deteriorated there.
It was nearing the end of autumn and we soon faced the cold,
but the guards refused to give us anything to cover ourselves
with at night.
To protest the inhuman treatment, I went on a hunger
strike. On October 17, the guard used a 38-pound shackle on
me and forcibly bound me with the shackle to a "death-bed," a
torture device normally used on death row criminals. Only on
the eighth day of my hunger strike did the guards release me
from the death-bed, fearing I would die. The shackle was left
on my feet until the evening of November 4. I wore it for a total
of 20 days. On November 4, the heavy shackle was briefly
removed, as the city authority intended to put on a show trial
of Falun Gong practitioners on November 5. My feet were terri-
bly swollen from wearing the shackles for so long.
Tang Yiwen Nearly Beaten to Death
Tang Yiwen, female, 35, resident of Guangzhou City,
Guangdong Province.
On May 13, 2000, Ms. Tang Yiwen was arrested when she
appealed for Falun Gong
at Tiananmen Square in
Beijing. While being held in
custody, she was beaten
by the Beijing policemen.
She was released because
she was on the verge of
dying from the severe
beating (the photos were
taken on May 19, 2000).
On August 29, 2000,
Guangzhou policemen
took Ms. Tang from her
home. She was sentenced
to two years of forced labor
and was detained at the
Chatou Women's Labor
Camp in Guangzhou City,
Guangdong Province.
During her detention, she
was monitored by the
inmates and was often
deprived of sleep during
the night. Because she has
refused to give up Falun
Gong, she is still being
detained in the labor camp
even though her sentence
was over long ago.
Torture: Huadian Police Station
Injures all over Ms. Tang's body after
she was released from the Chatou
Women's Labor Camp
background image
Torture: Wanjia Labor Camp
Punitive Force-Feeding, Solitary Confinement, Scabies, and Rape at the Wanjia Labor Camp
Since the Chinese government started its brutal persecution of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, thousands of Falun Gong prac-
titioners have suffered horrific torture in Wanjia Labor Camp simply because they would not give up their belief in Falun Gong.
The torture of female Falun Gong practitioners is particularly egregious in Wanjia Labor Camp.
The living and sanitary conditions in Wanjia Labor Camp are beyond
unbearable. Falun Gong practitioners have been forced to sleep on wet floors,
not allowed to wash, and not allowed to change clothes. Many practitioners
have been subjected to solitary confinement in the "small cell", which is 1.3 by
2.2 meters, and only 1.5 meters high. The small cells are cold and damp, and
those who are confined in a small cell are forced to sleep, eat, urinate, and
defecate in the same cell for extended time periods, some over ten months.
More than 98% of the practitioners at Wanjia Labor Camp have scabies that
causes extreme itching and ulcerations all over their bodies. Instead of giving
medical treatment, the labor camp guards and doctors use knives or metal
spoons to scratch the pus-filled cysts as a form of torture. They scrape the
spoons back and forth through the flesh and blood while the practitioner
scream in pain on the ground. After the digging, they "clean" the blood from the
practitioner's bodies using filthy, freezing cold, rusty water. Some practitioners
have suffered from scabies for years. Their bodies were swollen and covered
with pus and blood from injuries caused by other tortures as well.
Torture in Wanjia Labor Camp is rampant and heinous. Anything that can
cause physical and mental agonies has been employed by the camp guards to force practitioners to renounce Falun Gong. The
only limit of the torturer is their wicked imagination. In addition, female practitioners are often sexually abused, and some have
been raped or gang raped.
Due to the severe torture, at least ten practitioners have died in this labor camp.
Wanjia Labor Camp
Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province
Punitive Force-FFeeding and Beatings
Guo Mingxia, female, 47, resident of Chengzhi Village,
Chaoyang Township, Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province.
Shuangcheng City police arrested Ms. Guo at her home
because she is a Falun Gong practitioner. She was sent to the
Shuangcheng City Detention Center, and then transferred to
the Wanjia Labor Camp. During her detention at the Wanjia
Labor Camp, the guards and the inmates often tortured Ms.
Guo. She went on hunger strikes many times to protest the ille-
gal detention and inhuman treatment. One day in early 2001,
when Ms. Guo refused to be force-fed, Song Shaohui, the direc-
tor of Wanjia Labor Camp hospital, beat her so badly that her
nose turned black and blue and her face was swollen beyond
recognition. After the beating, she was forcefully injected with
an unknown drug and then dragged into a solitary compart-
ment. Due to the severe beating, Ms. Guo lost consciousness,
the back of her head became numb, and she had difficulty
moving her hands and feet.
On October 24, 2001, Ms. Guo was sent to the Camp hos-
pital, where she was force-fed for over 50 days. Song Shaohui
and the doctors slapped her face, pulled her hair out, and beat
her severely during the force-feedings. After the 40th day of
forced feeding, Ms. Guo vomited blood for over ten days
because her stomach had been badly injured by the feeding
tube. However, the camp doctors continued to force-feed her.
Her weight dropped from 70 kg (160 lbs) to just over 30 kg (70
lbs). After the force-feeding Ms. Guo was extremely weak and
her whole body would shake.
Raped and Brutalized in the Male
Criminal Units
At the end of May 2001, to protest the arbitrary extension
of forced labor terms, several female practitioners in Team 12
began a a hunger strike. On May 24, Shi, the director of the
labor camp, instructed the guards to put all the female practi-
tioners of Team 12 into the male inmate buildings. Over 60
female practitioners, including Ms. Liu, Ms. Li Lan, Ms. Liu
Fengzhen, Ms. Xie Jinxian, Ms. Yang Huiling, Ms. Song Yusu,
Ms. Wu Shulian, Ms. Cao Liandi, and Ms. Wu Xinru, were sent
to male criminal units. In the male criminal units, male guards
and male prisoners watched them 24 hours a day. Under the
instructions of the labor camp official, Lu Zhenshan, the
guards hung up practitioners, beat them, inflicted electric
shocks, handcuffed them with hands behind their backs to the
front of beds, made them stand day and night, deprived them
of sleep, and did not allow them to wash or change their
clothes. They also enlisted male inmates to beat practitioners.
Many practitioners lost consciousness during these beatings
and sustained severe injuries. Some practitioners were made
to stay in a squatting position for 36 hours and their legs
background image
became swollen and numb. Some practitioners were forced to
continuously sit on small stools for as long as 21 days. As a
result, their skin cracked and bled.
Among the other horrors, two female practitioners were
gang-raped by three camp guards; Ms. Song Yusu was repeat-
edly dunked into a water tank; Ms. Wu Shulian was drenched
and then shocked with electric batons until her body was black
and blue; Ms. Cao Liandi was hung up until she lost conscious-
ness; Ms. Xie Jinxian, Ms. Wu Xinru, Ms. Shurong, and others
were hung up and beaten until they were black and blue from
electric shocks and police batons; Ms. Yang Huiling and others
were hung up every ten minutes and one of the practitioner's
arms became dislocated; the guards dragged one practitioner
by her hair across the floor, leaving her injured and bleeding
from the sand scraping her skin.
Beaten During a Heart Attack
Zhao Xiru, female, resident of Jilin Province.
On January 14, 2002, Ms. Zhao Xiru was taken to the
Wanjia Labor Camp hospital after she lost consciousness. The
examination and an electrocardiograph revealed she had heart
disease and she was classified as a high-risk patient. However,
instead of giving her medical treatment, the guards sent her
back to the labor camp. On January 17, 2002, at around 8
p.m., Ms. Zhao suffered a heart attack. Guards Wang Junping
and Hu Bo came in to her cell and started beating her. Another
guard, Han Yushan, also joined in the beating using a broom
and a mop. Han pulled Ms. Zhao's hair and beat her while she
was unable to move on the bed. The torture didn't stop until
the guards became tired. As a result of the beating, Ms. Zhao
had purple bruises all over her body and clumps of her hair was
pulled out.
Solitary Confinement
Lin Yongmei, female, 33, resident of Heilongjiang Province.
On the morning of June 26, 2001, Ms. Lin went to question
guard Wu Jinying about the deaths of three fellow practitioners.
Wu became angry and threw Ms. Lin into a solitary compart-
ment. The solitary compartment was less than 3 square
meters in area and 1.5 meters high with no window, water, or
toilet. It was dark and damp. Ms. Lin could not stand up. She
had to defecate and urinate inside the compartment and she
was not allowed to wash. Because of the filthy conditions, she
developed pustules and blisters on her body.
On July 4, 2001 Ms. Lin and four other practitioners start-
ed a hunger strike to protest the inhumane treatment. She
demanded to see camp officials and wrote an appeal letter.
However, the labor camp officials escalated the persecution of
these women by taking away their normal break time. In August
2001, because Ms. Lin practiced the Falun Gong exercises
while in a solitary compartment, female guard Wang
Zhonghua, dragged her out and shoved her forward, making
her stumble against a chair and fall on her back.
Twelve other practitioners were also put into the solitary
compartments on the same day as Ms. Lin. Some of them lost
consciousness at times, some lost their memories and had dif-
ficulty breathing, and some were unable to walk. Ms. Lin and
the other practitioners were confined in the solitary compart-
ments for at least four months.
Communist Brainwashing and Punitive Force-FFeeding
Wang Yuzhi, female, 47, was a businesswoman living in Harbin
City, Heilongjiang Province. She is now living in Vancouver,
On July 16, 2001, Ms.
Wang was arrested for the
third time because she is a
Falun Gong practitioner. The
police confiscated US
$50,000 from her and froze
her bank accounts. In
November 2001, she was
transferred from the Second
Detention Center to the
Wanjia Labor Camp. Every day
during her detention at
Wanjia, Ms. Wang and other
Falun Gong practitioners were
forced to sit in one position
and watch anti-Falun Gong
propaganda on TV or listen to
the guards for over eight
hours. No one was allowed to
move. Sometimes, a brainwashing session would last for days
and they weren't allowed to sleep the entire time. Often, they
were not even allowed to use the toilet. In addition, they were
routinely beaten or whipped, tied with ropes and hung from the
ceiling, given electric shocks, forced to sit naked on iron chairs,
or raped by male criminals.
To protest the inhuman treatment, Ms. Wang started a
hunger strike, after which she was repeatedly force-fed. The
guards and camp hospital doctors beat her to the point where
she was almost unconscious, and then they tied her arms and
legs before forcing a tube through her nostril. They force-fed
ground corn grain mixed with cold water through the tube. Ms.
Wang was in excruciating pain during these "feedings."
In May 2002, after nine months of detention, Ms. Wang's
health had deteriorated to the point where she couldn't even
stand up. Her eyes and nose were festering with blood and pus
from the force-feedings and her eyesight was almost gone. Her
nostrils were so swollen that the doctors could no longer force
a tube into them. Realizing she was on the verge of death, the
camp called her relatives and told them to take her home.
Torture: Wanjia Labor Camp
Ms. Wang Yuzhi and her son
background image
I am a Falun Gong practitioner from Hebei Province. In
November 2000, because I had gone to Beijing to appeal for
the right to practice Falun Gong, the local police came to my
house and arrested me. I was detained in a local detention
center for a month. On New Year's day of 2001, I and five other
Falun Gong practitioners were sentenced to two years of forced
labor and sent to Gaoyang Labor Camp of Baoding City, Hebei
To protest against the illegal detention and inhuman treat-
ment, we went on a hunger strike. A month later, we were sent
to the Gaoyang Labor Camp. Our health condition had deterio-
rated greatly and everyone showed signs of high blood pres-
sure or heart disease. Among us, there was one practitioner
whose entire body was swollen. She had blood in her urine and
was on the verge of death. Ma Fuwei, the executive deputy
head of the local Qiaodong police station, ordered us sent to
the labor camp in spite of our poor condition.
As soon as we were in the labor camp, the especially atro-
cious treatment began. All of our personal items were ran-
sacked. Then we were forced to write a guarantee renouncing
Falun Gong, or to face torture by the camp guards around the
A practitioner named Yang from Chengde City, Hebei
Province was beaten by four camp guards and shocked with
electric batons for a whole day and night, because she refused
to renounce Falun Gong. She was injured all over her body and
the whole camp could hear her moaning from agony. She could
not stand up and could not relieve herself even eight days after
the torture.
Another practitioner from Baoding City, Hebei Province
also did not write the guarantee letter. The guards used the
electric batons to shock her head, face and whole body. Her
head and face were swollen beyond the point of recognition.
Her whole body was covered with blisters, red and purple in
color. The dark scars have not disappeared even to this day.
Another practitioner, named Xiao Li, was also beaten by
the guards three times on the head and face. She was knocked
to the ground, grabbed by the hair, and pushed against the wall
very hard. Afterwards she was shocked with electric batons on
the breasts and genital area for a long time without pause. She
lost consciousness many times. She cannot get out of bed, her
period is out of phase, and her lower abdomen aches badly
and bleeds continuously. Another practitioner was beaten so
severely that she almost bit her tongue off due to the unbear-
able pain while being beaten.
In April and May, under orders from the "610 Office," the
labor camp officials escalated the persecution of Falun Gong
practitioners. They gathered all practitioners and held brain-
washing classes. All camp guards were not allowed to take
leave and instead required to exert all their energy on brain-
washing Falun Gong practitioners. The vicious guards locked
all practitioners in the same room and applied punishment
such as beating, threatening, shocking, hanging, sleep depriva-
tion, etc. Apart from eating and going to the restroom, we were
all ordered to stand in the same position between 10 and 20
hours a day, listening to propaganda slandering Falun Gong
and our teacher.
As a result of this inhuman torture, many practitioners
developed high blood pressure and lost consciousness. Then
the guards would come to beat and shock us with electric
batons. An elderly practitioner was beaten six times in a single
day. To achieve their goal to have practitioners renounce Falun
Gong, they even kept us from sleeping a single minute for many
days. A practitioner with the surname Sun was tied up with
ropes and hung outside with her toes not touching the ground
for nine hours.
One of the practitioners in the Gaoyang Labor Camp was
tortured to the verge of death. The camp officials sent for her
family to take her out, fearing she might die in the camp and
they would be responsible for her death. According to her, the
Gaoyang Labor Camp authorities took orders directly from Luo
Gan, one of the highest officials in the Chinese government in
charge of persecuting Falun Gong. He had stayed in the labor
camp and planned the torture and persecution of Falun Gong
practitioners. He also ordered other labor camps to learn from
Gaoyang Labor Camp in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.
In a single day, 30 practitioners in Langfang City, Hebei
Province were arrested by police under his order.
Torture: Gaoyang Labor Camp
A Personal Experience of Torture at the Gaoyang Labor Camp
Gaoyang Labor Camp
Baoding City, Hebei Province
background image
Tao Juhua, female, in her 30s, resident of Sichuan Province.
At the beginning of 2001, Ms. Tao Juhua was sentenced to
one year of forced labor at the Nanmusi Female Labor Camp,
Zizhong County, Sichuan Province. While there, she suffered
from endless mental and physical punishment. The guards
there instigated other inmates to torture Falun Gong practition-
ers and force them to do hard labor. The torturers employed
vicious beating, electric baton shocks, and boot camp-style
drills to force the practitioners to give up practicing Falun
Gong. In the hot Sichuan summer, the practitioners were
forced to stand still under the scorching sun every day. They
were not allowed to shower for weeks on end.
The torture could not change Ms. Tao's belief in Falun
Gong. Every day when the guards called the roll, Ms. Tao
answered, "A Falun Gong practitioner is here." At this the
guards would all get angry and come up to attack her. One
time when Ms. Tao and several other practitioners demanded
their right to practice the exercises, the leader of the 7
Zhang Xiaofang, became angry and brought electric batons to
shock them. She shocked many practitioners without restraint.
During the same night, Zhang also instructed a policeman to
lock Ms. Tao in the office and brutally beat her. The policeman
did not stop beating her until she was almost dead.
Once the policeman from the No. 8 team locked her up in
a small cell. They handcuffed her for three whole days, with
both hands lashed to the iron door and nothing but her two
toes touching the ground. In the heat, the policemen used a
thick cotton quilt to cover her up until she could not breathe
and lost consciousness. Only then did the policemen unlock
her handcuffs, fearing that she might die. In January 2002,
Ms. Tao was still detained for forced labor in the Production
Team. It was said that her sentence was prolonged for anoth-
er year.
Miao Sufang, female, 65, resident of Chengdu City, Sichuan
In January 2001, Ms. Miao Sufang went to Beijing to
appeal for Falun Gong. She was arrested and tortured by
policemen in Beijing and then escorted back to Chengdu City.
She was sentenced to one year of forced labor in the fifth
group of Nanmusi Women's Forced Labor Camp in February
2001. As soon as Ms. Miao arrived, the guards instigated drug
addicts to torture her and force her to stand still facing a wall
from morning until after midnight. This standing punishment
caused Ms. Miao's feet and knees to swell badly. She could
not even wear shoes, and her legs frequently trembled, so
walking was difficult for her.
After four months' torture in the fifth group, Ms. Miao was
transferred to the ninth group, and then to the seventh group
in August. In the seventh group, she was detained in a second-
floor room and forced to sit still in a military posture all day
long every day for five months. The long-term physical and
mental abuse eventually made Ms. Miao very weak, and her
blood pressure became very high. Afraid of her death and the
possible responsibilities, the labor camp allowed her to leave
the camp, but only under house surveillance. She was tortured
for a total of 11 months.
Lin Lisha, female, 43, resident of Jiaochangba, Leshan City,
Sichuan Province.
In February 2001, Ms. Lin Lisha was sentenced to three
years of forced labor in the Nanmusi Women's Labor Camp. In
the fifth group, she was forced to stand pressed against a wall
with both hands raised up high over her head for extended
hours. She was also forced to remain in a half-squatting posi-
tion for a long time. Staying in these agonizing postures
caused her legs to swell. The blood vessels in her legs became
a purple color and were in a necrotic state. Besides the physi-
cal punishment, she also suffered mental torment.
Practitioners were not permitted to speak or even glance at
each other. All they could hear all day long was slander against
Falun Gong. After a few months of mental and physical torture
in the fifth group, Ms. Lin was transferred to the ninth group,
where she and others were forced to do military drills under
the hot sun. She refused to perform the drills and was hand-
cuffed in a bathroom. One day, when Ms. Lin refused to listen
to the slander of Falun Gong, a police officer dragged her
downstairs and forced her to sit with legs double-crossed.
Then the police directed inmates to walk on her legs and feet
and to sit on her legs. Her pained cries could be heard on the
second floor.
Wu Houyu, female, in her 30s, resident of Luzhou City, Sichuan
In March 2001, Ms. Wu Houyu was sent to the Nanmusi
Women's Labor Camp. Labor camp guard Zhou Junhui forced
her to stand from dawn to midnight every day for more than
Torture: Nanmusi Labor Camp
Nanmusi Women's Labor Camp
Nanmusi Female Labor Camp, Zizhong County,
Sichuan Province
background image
one month, causing both her legs to swell horribly, and her
upper body to atrophy. Even with clothes on, both shoulder
bones protruded terribly. Her appearance was so appalling that
even some guards couldn't bear to look at her.
Locked in Solitary Confinement for Eight Months
Zhu Junxiu, female, 47, former employee of the Chengdu City
Qingyang District Taxation Bureau, resident of Chengdu City,
Sichuan Province.
On October 14, 2000, at around 7 p.m., plainclothes
policemen from the Xiaojia Village Police Station arrested Ms.
Zhu Junxiu for distributing Falun Gong materials. The police-
men ransacked her house and confiscated a computer, a print-
er, CD player, fax machine, and some other personal property.
Ms. Zhu was first detained at the Xiaojia Village Police
Station. She was interrogated for eight hours that night, then
locked in a dark, tiny, and cold cell for two days. On Oct. 16,
2000, she was transferred to the Chongzhou City Detention
Center. There, policemen Chen and Zhao Bing interrogated her.
During the interrogation they beat her face and temples, and
dragged her by her hair causing her to lose consciousness
twice. Four days later, she was transferred to the Huaiyuan
Police Station, where she was detained in a small (around 2
square meters) dark room for forty days. The floor of the room
was covered in urine and feces, there were no windows, and
she was not allowed to wash or use the restroom.
After forty days, Ms. Zhu was sentenced to one year of
forced labor in the Nanmusi Women's Labor Camp. She was
locked up in solitary confinement for eight months. Every day
the guards took her out to shock her face and mouth with elec-
tric batons and force her to remain in agonizing positions for
long hours. The guards also incited other criminals to beat her.
Because of the torture, Ms. Zhu's legs became so swollen that
she couldn't wear her shoes.
My Experience of Torture in a Brainwashing Center
at Huludao City
On March 27, 2000, for appealing in Tiananmen Square
for the right to practice Falun Gong, I was detained in the
Huludao City (Liaoning Province) Liaison Office in Beijing.
Policeman Wu, over 50, sexually assaulted me by cuffing me to
a bed and rubbing my breast. On March 29, 2000, I was
escorted back to the Huludao Detention Center. Because I did
Falun Gong exercises in the cell, I was forced to sit outside in
the freezing night, trembling under the cover of just a thin layer
of cloth.
I was released later, but the police never left me alone. On
June 28, 2000, while I was talking with a classmate in a salon,
the police came and abducted me to a local government build-
ing. They humiliated me and other Falun Gong practitioners by
parading us through the streets. We were forced to walk over
eight miles, with their trucks driving behind us broadcasting
slogans that slandered Falun Gong and us. Later, we were
detained in an anti-Falun Gong brainwashing center. For doing
Falun Gong exercises, I was beaten, kicked, and forced to kneel
down in the hallway for over five hours. They forced me to run
for 20 miles every day without giving me any water. Other phys-
ical punishment included army drills under the scorching sun
for prolonged periods of time with restricted food and no water.
They forced me to kneel down on sand. The sand particles cut
into my flesh and caused my knees to bleed. The Vice-Head of
security hit my mouth with a full bottle of water, making my
mouth bleed and lips swell. I was unable to open my mouth or
take any food for three days. They forced me to watch their
video attacking Falun Gong. I received a heavy kick in my back
when I accidentally closed my eyes.
On July 15, 2000, the Vice-Head of security ordered me to
stand on a board over filthy water in a ditch full of rotten
garbage. He put a brick block on my head, and another one on
my foot, which I had to lift up above the board. He said that he
wanted to see me fall down into the ditch and said, "I hate
Falun Gong. I don't care about murders or arsonists, only Falun
Gong!" I was forced to stand like this for over five hours almost
every day. One night, while other practitioners were forced to
run on the sports grounds, the Vice-Head of security slapped
my face more than twenty times because I refused to give up
practicing Falun Gong. This sudden and forceful beating made
me feel dizzy and temporarily lose my hearing. The corners of
my eyes became black and blue and my face quickly swelled
up. Then, he dragged me into a room, took out a rubber-coat-
ed steel baton, and forcefully hit my buttocks. While he rested,
he forced me to do push-ups. Later, he forced me to remain in
the up position and then fiercely hit my buttocks again. He took
another rest, bullied me, and repeatedly beat me. Finally, I was
exhausted and collapsed on the ground. After the torture, my
back was black and blue and I was unable to sit. I am current-
ly at home but under constant threat from local government
and police because I refuse to give up practicing Falun Gong.
Torture: Huludao City
Huludao City, Liaoning Province
background image
Su Ying, female, resident of Liaoning Province.
In January 2001, Ms. Su went to Beijing to peacefully
appeal to the government to stop persecuting Falun Gong. She
was arrested and sent to four different prisons, where she was
repeatedly tortured. On one occasion the female prisoners
were ordered to strip her down to her underwear in the freez-
ing yard and pour cold water on her while punching her in the
face. In March 2001, Ms. Su was transferred to the Third
Detention Center in Panjin City, Liaoning Province.
In April 2001, she was sent to the Panjin Labor Camp in
Panjin City. On May 25, 2001, Ms. Su was dragged to the sec-
ond floor of the reception building. There she was forced to
stand "horse step" for a long time every day. She was also
forced to put her hands on her head, lower her head, and bend
over fully. Sometimes she was forced to perform "golden
pheasant stands alone." They didn't allow her to sleep at all or
only let her sleep for two hours a night. She was only allowed
to use the restroom three times per day, while squatting down
and moving around on her feet.
On May 29, 2001, in the middle of the night, under the
orders of Section Head Yi Xiuyan and Vice-Section Head Liu
Jing, policewomen Cai Li, Wang Yan, and Yan Lina took Ms. Su
to a pitch-dark room, where four policewomen stripped her
down to her underpants, although she was having her menstru-
al period. They beat and kicked Ms. Su, and pounded her head,
face, ear, cervical vertebrae, breasts, back, waist, legs, and
other vital parts. Then they shocked her over thirty times with
an electric baton, leaving her covered with cuts and bruises.
Her lower back and buttocks were especially swollen and were
the color of eggplant. After that, they forced her to lie on her
stomach while beating her with wooden sticks. Each police-
woman took a turn to beat her three times with a wooden stick.
Then they pinched her on her neck, armpits, lower abdomen,
and the inside of her thighs until she bled. Then they beat her
again. Ms. Su was tortured until she lost consciousness, after
which she was sent to the First People's Hospital in Panjin City.
The hospital's examination of Ms. Su revealed that there
were severe injuries to the inside of her thighs and buttocks;
her skin was damaged beyond recognition. Her buttocks were
black and blue and badly swollen. Without notifying Ms. Su's
family, she was committed for seven hours of emergency treat-
ment due to her temperature of 103F and infected wounds.
During the surgery, 500cc of extravagated blood were removed
from her buttocks. After being hospitalized for half a month,
Ms. Su was sent back to the labor camp. To hide the extent of
her torture, the police locked her in a cell with another female
practitioner and played loud disco music all day long to cover
the sound of any cries from the torture.
In July 2001, Yi Xiuyan forced Ms. Su to stand still every
day from 4 a.m. to 2 a.m. the next night, even though she had
not yet fully recovered. Ms. Su was forced to stand in the
"horse step" position every day until the end of September.
After she finished the long hours of standing she was sent
back to the jail cell and wasn't allowed to speak.
In the beginning of November 2001, Yi Xiuyan locked Su
Ying in a small cell in order to observe her closely. On
November 17, Yi Xiuyan placed another three Falun Gong prac-
titioners in the same small cell with Ms. Su. As they were
denied use of a toilet, they were forced to defecate and urinate
in the small cell, the same cell in which they ate. The guards
covered the window on the door with newspaper to restrict
their freedom even further. On November 20, Ms. Su was
locked in a different small room with the other three practition-
ers. The window was covered with newspaper, and the electric
lights were left on 24 hours per day. Four people shared two
beds with no sanitary facilities. During the 48 days of confine-
ment in the small room, they were forced to get up at 4:30 a.m.
and were not allowed to go to sleep until after midnight. To
cover up the extent of the torture, the guards told Ms. Su not to
tell her family about her torture. However, Ms. Su did tell her
family about the torture she suffered and showed them the
scars on her buttocks. The guard on duty, Liu Jing, then threat-
ened to beat her to death in front of her family members.
On the morning of January 8, 2002, Yi Xiuyan and Cai Li
placed Ms. Su in confinement for seven days, during which she
was handcuffed behind her back to a heating pipe, bent over
and squatting down. Because she began vomiting on the
fourth day, the police released her hands.
On March 18, 2002, Ms. Su was transferred to the
Masanjia Labor Camp, where she suffered more agony.
Torture: Panjin Labor Camp
Panjin Labor Camp
Panjin City, Liaoning Province
Panjin Labor Camp
background image
Deprivation of Sleep, Shower, and Toilet at
Yongchuan Women's Prison
Zhou Qunying, female, 27, resident of Hechuan County,
Chongqing City.
On December 28, 2001, the police brought Ms. Zhou
Qunying to the Yongchuan Women's Prison in Sichuan
Province. The police watched her 24 hours a day, restricted her
movements, and deprived her of sleep for many days and
nights. They would not allow her to talk with anyone, and often
handcuffed and shocked her with electric batons. As a result,
she had purple bruises all over her body. The police ordered
inmates to beat her, verbally abuse her, and stuff dirty socks in
her mouth. Once she fell asleep, inmates would punch her
awake. The police frequently locked her in a solitary cell. Even
when she had a break from work, they called her every 15 min-
utes, so that she could not have any rest.
During June and July 2002, she was not allowed to show-
er for over 20 days. Once she was deprived of sleep for ten
days and nights, and forced to remain standing the whole time.
After a few days of standing, her feet became so swollen that
she could barely stand any longer. During that time, she was
not allowed to use the toilet or eat food. She could only urinate
in the clothing that she wore. If she took a nap, the police had
cold water poured on her face and stuffed used cotton swabs
in her mouth. After the ten days and ten nights of torture, her
body was shaking and both feet were badly swollen. Later, she
was not allowed to move or use the toilet again. Once, a group
of inmates physically abused her by choking her and applying
pressure to her collarbones. As a result, she had difficulty
breathing, and she felt extreme pain around her collarbones.
Yang Xiaoli, female, 39, teacher of the Southwest Normal
University, resident of the Wulong District, Chongqing City.
Ms. Yang Xiaoli was forced to clean the toilets daily. The
police often forced her to squat for long periods of time without
moving. They deprived her of sleep for two days and two nights
while she was detained at the Yongchuan Women's Prison. The
police often made a group of inmates punch and kick her. They
threatened and cursed her. Once she was held in solitary con-
finement for days. Sometimes, she was tied with both of her
thumbs onto an iron bed for many hours. As the results of all
of the torture, her body was beaten black and blue, her entire
body was swollen, and she suffered pain in her legs and feet.
She had difficulty walking because of the long periods of time
she was forced to remain squatting.
In Beijing, the police beat Ms. Xiong Yuzhen, female, 49,
resident of Sichuan Province, so badly that her lungs were seri-
ously injured. She was sentenced and detained in the
Yongchuan Women's Prison without any medical treatment for
her lung injury. Her daughter was expelled from her school, and
her paralyzed husband now has no caretaker.
Persecution by "610 Office" of Hanzhong City,
Shanxi Province
1. Wu Yali, female, resident of Hanzhong City, Shanxi
2. Zheng Cuiping, female, resident of Hanzhong City, Shanxi
3. Liang Fengying, female, resident of Hanzhong City, Shanxi
4. Wang Xinlian, female, resident of Hanzhong City, Shanxi
5. Yang Xiulian, female, resident of Hanzhong City, Shanxi
Under instructions from the "610 Office" of Hanzhong City,
policemen in the Hanzhong detention center ruthlessly perse-
cuted Falun Gong practitioners. They took turns interrogating
and cursing at practitioners. They even appointed drug addicts,
drug smugglers, prostitutes, and thieves as "cell heads" to tor-
ture practitioners at will. The criminal "cell heads" ripped out
practitioners' hair, slapped and beat their faces, kicked their
feet, chest, and abdomen, and stomped on their bodies with
leather shoes while the practitioners lay injured on the ground.
All the ruthless actions were taken to force practitioners to
renounce Falun Gong.
After Ms. Wu Yali was beaten until her ribs broke, she
could not get out of bed for a month. Ms. Zheng Cuiping was
beaten until her sternum was broken; she could barely move
for over a month. Ms. Liang Fengying was beaten until her
whole body was black and blue and her face was swollen. Ms.
Liang was brutally beaten and put in shackles.
The local "610 Office" has been extorting money from
practitioners and their families to finance their brainwashing
classes. They extorted 30,000 Yuan from Ms. Chen Chunzhu's
daughter, 40,000 Yuan from the husband of Ms. Wu Yali, and
18,000 Yuan from the son-in-law of Ms. Yang Xiulian. Ms. Wu
Yali was illegally dismissed from her jobs and had no way to
make a living.
Torture: Yongchuan Women's Prison
background image
Hundreds of female Falun Gong practitioners are detained
at Shibalihe Women's Labor Camp in Zhengzhou City, Henan
Province. One torture technique, called "Tying the Ropes," is
used regularly by the camp. Using one thin rope, the police first
encircle the practitioner's neck, and then tie the practitioner's
hands behind her back with it. Then they use all the force they
can muster to tighten the rope. As the rope constricts around
the practitioner's body, it makes it more and more difficult for
her to breathe. The guards at the camp often made the pain so
intense that the practitioners lost control of their bladders.
Sometimes, the rope was pulled so tight that the practitioner's
arm broke. Often, female practitioners were stripped of their
jackets and sweaters and tortured with "Tying the Ropes."
From 63-year-old elders to a 17-year-old teenage girl, no one
was spared. In addition to being tied up, practitioners were
forced to maintain a half-squatting position with wooden sticks
and bricks placed under their knees. They had to bend at the
waist and lower their heads. While they were still in the "Tying
the Ropes" position, guards often shocked them with electric
batons and burned them with cigarettes.
Another form of torture is called "Military-Style Training."
The practitioners are forced to participate in boot camp-style
training every morning, even when they have just been
released from torture and still have difficulties lifting their
arms. Any sign of disobedience during these drills results in
additional beatings, regardless of age.
"Tying the Ropes" and Denied Use of Sanitary Napkins
Ding Xiangqin, female, resident of Henan Province.
Director Wu Hongru and several guards tied Ms. Ding
Xiangqin's hands behind her back, slipped a wooden stick
through the hollow, then hung her up. While she was hanging
in this painful position, they kicked her, beat her, and burned
her with cigarettes. The guards tortured her for 24 hours,
resulting in purple bruises all over her body; her arms were
numb, and her body could not move. During her detention,
inmates even monitored her bathroom visits, and she was not
allowed to use sanitary napkins when she was menstruating.
In March 2002, Jia Meili, chief of the No. 3 Division,
forcibly took Han Fulan to the labor camp's new office building,
tied her up with ropes, and beat her. Ms. Han was tortured for
three days and nights by police officers. During the torture, to
prevent her from screaming, they used a rope to tie her mouth
shut. As a result, her mouth was terribly swollen. Her shoulders
were an unrecognizable mess of blood and flesh because the
ropes cut deeply into her flesh. Her clothing was completely
torn off during the beating. Ms Han lost consciousness many
times during the three days of torture. She even had blood in
her urine. For several months after the torture, the wounds on
her body did not close over, and her body could not touch water
because of these injuries. There are still two very deep scars
left on her shoulders.
Torture Causing Kidney Necrosis
Cui Qiuju, female, 36, resident of Wen County, Henan Province.
During Ms. Cui Qiuju's detention in the Shibalihe Women's
Labor Camp in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, inmates beat
Ms. Cui until she spat blood. She was beaten because she had
gone on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. In early
December 2001, the labor camp, fearing responsibility if she
were to die, sent her back to Wen County. Three months later,
after she had recovered, they arrested her again. Ms. Cui again
went on a hunger strike. On the third day, she was brought to
the office building of the labor camp, where she was tortured
again. The guards used the "Tying the Ropes" technique to tor-
ture her, as well as electric shocks and rubber batons. She was
tortured for three days and nights and incurred severe injuries.
She had purple bruises all over her body; her internal organs
were injured; her arms were numb and could not move. Once
she was not allowed to sleep for four days. As a result, she is
suffering from kidney necrosis. Almost all of her internal organs
have sustained some degree of injury.
Torture: Shibalihe Women's Labor Camp
Shibalihe Women's Labor Camp
Zhengzhou City,Henan Province
"Tying the Ropes" at the Shibalihe Women's Labor Camp
background image
Thousands of female Falun Gong practitioners are being
detained and tortured at the infamous Masanjia Labor Camp
in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. The new four-floor jail
building, built last November, is already inadequate to hold all
the practitioners, even at the density of 40 or more people per
room and four per double-jointed single bed.
Everything the Masanjia Labor Camp authorities and
guards do is for one evil purpose: to make life as miserable as
possible for Falun Gong practitioners so as to force them to
renounce Falun Gong. The guards openly shout to practition-
ers: "Hell is here. It is not up to you, we will transform you."
Forcing practitioners to do hard labor for 15-16 hours
every day is a common method of torture. Practitioners in the
No. 1 Brigade are forced to make paper and fabric flowers and
other decorations, most of which are for export. Making these
products for extended hours over several consecutive days
caused many practitioners' fingers to bleed, swell, and ache.
When practitioners failed to hold the paper strips tight to the
wires due to injured fingers, the guards would punish them by
depriving them of sleep and doubling their quotas. After their
release, some practitioners could not flex their thumbs proper-
ly for eight or nine months. The practitioners also knit flowers
and sewed colored beads onto sweaters. If they made a mis-
take they were not allowed to sleep until they corrected it. Their
eyes and necks quickly became sore, and after a long day's
work their shoulders and lower backs were also too painful to
move. In the summer it was so hot that they could hardly
breathe, and their bodies were full of rashes and covered in
sweat. The police also deliberately assigned extra work to pun-
ish those who were firm in practicing Falun Gong.
The guards also use various kinds of cruel torture to force
practitioners to renounce Falun Gong. In one guard's own
words, "We have countless methods to handle you." Indeed,
the extent of evilness is only limited by the imagination of their
wicked minds.
In the solitary confinement cells, practitioners are severe-
ly beaten, shocked with electric batons, and locked up for
months on end for not renouncing Falun Gong. The tortures
include forcing practitioners to remain in agonizing postures
for days, forcing them to run non-stop for many hours, hand-
cuffing and shackling them with very tight devices that cut into
flesh and stop blood circulation, hanging them up by hands
handcuffed behind the back, etc.
Two particularly horrible forms of torture are solitary con-
finements in a "small cell" and on a "death board." A "small
cell" is a room smaller than two square meters, with no win-
dow, no bed, no water, and no toilet. Practitioners are often
locked in a small cell for months, having to eat, sleep, and
release in the same small area. Since the height of the room is
less than 1.5 meters, one cannot stand straight. To exacerbate
the agony, the guards often handcuff practitioners to small
cells doors so they cannot sleep for many days.
The solitary confinement on a "death board" was original-
ly used on death row criminals. The victim is tied to an iron or
wooden board for weeks with four limbs stretched out. The vic-
tim is never untied, having to be fed by someone else, but
sleeping and releasing are all done on the board.
The prolonged mental and physical torture and terrible liv-
ing conditions cause practitioners to suffer serious medical
complications, including diabetes, hypertension, heart dis-
ease, cerebral thrombosis, infectious skin diseases, hepatitis
B, and nerve damage.
Practitioners who refuse to work or wear the criminal des-
ignation are fed corn bread and drink water. There is no salt in
their diet, so they have become extremely ill. Part of the main
building is full of practitioners who are on a hunger strike to
protest maltreatment. They are force-fed with one bowl of corn
congee every two days, for which the labor camp charges them
80 Yuan (approximately US$10) per bowl. Another technique is
called "sandwiching". Two people watch on one practitioner to
isolate her and prevent her from talking to others.
Physical Restraints
Xia Ning, female, over 50, resident of Xingcheng, Huludao
City, Liaoning Province. Ms. Xia Ning had been cuffed to a bed
for over eight months because she tried to practice the Falun
Gong exercises. Her arms and legs were numb and would not
move. Her wrists were swollen. Once she was handcuffed to a
bed but kept standing for four nights. When she double-
crossed her legs to practice the Falun Gong sitting meditation,
her legs were tied up for many hours until the pain drove her
out of her mind.
Torture: Masanjia Labor Camp
Masanjia Labor Camp
Masanjia Labor Camp, Shenyang City,
Liaoning Province
background image
Stuffing Dirty Towels in the Mouths
Because Ms. Wang Yan and Ms. Song Caihong recited
Falun Gong books, police stuffed dirty towels in their mouths
and beat them repeatedly. Their bodies were completely black
and blue. Police also forced practitioners to step on a photo-
graph of the founder of Falun Gong. Practitioners are also
ordered to put bowls of water on their heads. If the bowls fall,
they are beaten. The practitioners are tortured day and night,
Restroom Access Denied During Period
Practitioners worked from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. every
day, except for mealtimes, brief bathroom breaks, and a one-
hour noon break. Oftentimes the noon break was cancelled to
make time for extra work. The practitioners were not allowed to
talk while they worked. Ms. Wang Junying requested several
times in vain to go to the restroom because of her period.
Guard Xie Ping refused. Ms. Wang bled through her pants and
cried from being unable to change her pad.
Beaten with Shoes and Screwdriver
On July 31, 2001, the director of the No. 2 Female Brigade,
Huang Haiyan, incited Yang Jianhong, a criminal inmate, to
beat Ms. Li Yanjun. Yang grabbed her by the hair and beat her
until her own hands hurt. She then used the heel of her shoe
and a screwdriver to continue beating Ms. Li for five hours. Ms.
Li's entire body was covered with wounds and her skin was
black and blue. She had blood in her stool the following day.
Pinching Thighs and Slapping Face with
Rubber-SSoled Shoes
One evening in November 2001, the police took Ms. Zhang
Yongli to a restroom and took turns slapping her in the face
and head with rubber-soled shoes. Some of them slammed her
head against the wall. Ms. Zhang was tortured through the
night. The bruises badly deformed her face and her head
swelled to nearly twice its normal size. Once six criminals
stripped off Ms. Zhang's pants, pinched her on her thighs, and
sat on her neck for a whole morning. The pinched area (about
15 x 11 square centimeters) was festering the next day. The
pain was excruciating.
Beaten for a Whole Night
During her detention at the Masanjia Labor Camp, Ms.
Yang Chunfang suffered repeated beatings. Early in 2001, she
was beaten for a whole night and could not walk. She could not
move on her own. A year later she had not fully recovered. The
police did not allow her family to come to visit her.
Squatting for a Long Period of Time,
Shocking with Electric Baton
Officer Qiu Ping punished Ms. Lin Ping with "half squats"
(squatting with legs apart and both arms raised forward paral-
lel to the ground), causing the loss of feeling in one of her toes.
Qiu also shocked her for three hours with an electric baton,
burning her skin.
Water, Sleep, and Restroom Deprivation
In July 2000, a group including team director Zhang
Xiurong, inmate Yang Jianhong, and others tortured Ms. Ge
Chunling for more than 20 days. She was not allowed to drink,
go to the restroom, or sleep, and had to assume the "half
squat" position for 24 hours. She became very thin, and her
arms and legs went numb. In May 2001, Ms. Ge was put into
the "Strictly Managed Brigade", where she was not allowed to
use the restroom for so long that she developed edema and
her heart rate slowed to 48 beats per minute. She was still
forced to do heavy labor.
Choking and Stabbing with Needles
Once several guards took Ms. Li Xiupin to a private room
and hit her all over. One guard choked her while another rode
on her back, others hit her head and face, and still others
stabbed her with two-inch stainless steel needles. They poked
her torso, foot arches, and palms randomly. She was tortured
to the verge of death. Afterward, Ms. Li was bedridden for sev-
eral days. Her body was black and blue, her face deformed,
and her skin broken and bleeding.
Stomach Bleeding after Forced-FFeeding
Early in 2002, when Ms. Qi Zhenrong had been badly tor-
tured, she went on a hunger strike for 87 days before being
released. One month later, she was returned to Masanjia Labor
Camp because she had gone to Beijing to appeal for Falun
Gong. As of April 2002, Ms. Qi had been on a hunger strike for
more than one month and force-fed many times. Her stomach
was injured and bleeding from the force-feeding tube, and she
was extremely weak.
Female Practitioners' Sentences Extended for
Refusing to Renounce Falun Gong
Police at Masanjia Labor Camp tried to extend practition-
ers' sentences. In May 2002, the sentences of Ms. Li Liming,
Ms. Sun Jinjun, Ms. Song Guixiang, and Ms. Hu Ying were
referred to the Liaoning Province Police Department for exten-
Torture: Masanjia Labor Camp
background image
Torture: Masanjia Labor Camp
Tortured to Paralysis
In September 2001, Ms. Zhang Chunmei was sent to the
Masanjia Labor Camp, and since then her hands have been
cuffed together except when she ate, washed her face, or used
the toilet. Her wrists were swollen, and the skin broken and
The warden encouraged Fu Wei, a man from Shenyang
City, Liaoning Province, to force a female practitioner from
Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province to sit in the corner on the show-
er room floor. She was forced to spread her legs into a painful
position. Fu then sat on her shoulders. He forced her to sup-
port his body weight. He beat her when she could not endure
any longer. Fu broke bones in her neck. She has been para-
lyzed for a long time and must be carried from place to place.
Wang Haiying Sued the Labor Camp for the Torture
In January 2001, for being Falun Gong practitioners, Ms.
Wang Haiying, 31, and her husband, Mr. Li Qinhua, residents of
Shahe District of Dalian City, Liaoning Province, were abducted
to the Dalian Labor Camp, Dalian City, Liaoning Province. Ms.
Wang is suing, at the District Court level, the Dalian Labor
Camp officials for their violations of Chinese constitutional law
over the past one and half years.
During her detention at Dalian Labor Camp, Ms. Wang was
once handcuffed and beaten by eight police simultaneously.
She was beaten, slapped, and electrically shocked in her
mouth, leaving her face swollen and covered in black and blue
marks. She sued the police involved and the labor camp team
leaders, Yong, Gao, Sun, and Sui, and Wang Jun senior and
Wang Jun junior, for physical and mental health compensation.
During her detention in the Masanjia Labor Camp, Ms.
Wang wrote to her husband, who was detained in the Dalian
Labor Camp. Her letters were confiscated and Ms. Wang sued
his labor camp team leader for violations of people's privacy
Lin Yan Punched an Iron Stick into Her Chest
Lin Yan, female, 30, resident of Shenyang City, Liaoning
Province. In October 1999, Ms. Lin Yan was sentenced to three
years of forced labor. She had been tortured so badly that on
July 1, 2000 she jammed an iron stick into the left side of her
chest to get hospitalized. After leaving the hospital on July 24,
she was forced to do hard labor at Masanjia. Ms. Lin had chest
pains and difficulty breathing, and became bedridden. The
labor camp refused to send her to hospital for further diagno-
Stripped and Hit with Electronic Batons
Ms. Qi Zhenrong, female, 41, resident of Huanren County,
Benxi City, Liaoning Province. Ms. Qi has been detained at the
Masanjia Labor Camp since October 29, 1999 because she
refused to give up her right to practice Falun Gong. She was
sentenced to a three-year term of forced labor. In the camp,
Ms. Qi was stripped and hit with electronic batons repeatedly
in one day. She was beaten so badly that she began to roll
around on the ground and whimper. She was covered with blis-
ters and bumps from the beating.
In September 2001, Ms. Qi took part in a group hunger
strike of 130 Falun Gong practitioners protesting extended
sentences. She fasted for more than 40 days and her life was
in great danger. Ms. Qi was then sent to the Masanjia Labor
Camp Hospital, where she was under the surveillance of the
camp police and continued to be tortured.
Even near death, Ms. Qi again asked the Masanjia police
to release her and the other detained Falun Gong practitioners
and to restore their basic rights. The police ignored her and
told her family in the hospital that the only way they would
release her was if she died. The police even forced them to pay
5,000 Yuan in "hospital fees".
Li Jinghua Suffers a Mental Breakdown Due to Torture
Li Jinghua, female, 34, resident of Lizhangzi Village, Zhaoduba
Township, Longcheng District, Chaoyang City, Liaoning
On October 30, 1999, Ms. Li Jinghua was sentenced to
one year of forced labor and sent to the Masanjia Labor Camp
because she refused to give up Falun Gong. During her deten-
tion at the labor camp, she was often beaten. In January 2000,
Ms. Li was transferred to the First Women's Team of the labor
camp and forced to make clothing. If she did not finish the
required quota, the guards would beat her. Ms. Li was under
extreme mental pressure. She worked from 6:30 a.m. to 10
p.m.. Sometimes she had to work until 3 a.m. the next day to
finish the quotas. Once she was
forced to work continuously with
no rest for 36 hours straight, with-
out meals.
In the middle of June 2000,
the labor camp authorities ordered
the practitioners in the First
Women's Team to undergo brain-
washing. More than twenty practi-
tioners were forced to sit bunched
up next to each other on benches,
in hot and muggy weather, from
6:30 a.m. to 12 a.m., while the
guards took them out individually
for brainwashing. Guards beat and
Li Jinghua suffering mental
breakdown at the Masanjia
Labor Camp
background image
Torture: Masanjia Labor Camp
shocked them with electric batons. Ms. Li was engulfed by the
screams of the victims and the sound of electric batons hitting
Starting on July 6, 2000, Ms. Li was brainwashed every
day until midnight. After more than 20 days of torture and
brainwashing, Ms. Li was physically injured and mentally worn
down. On August 2, 2000, since she still refused to renounce
Falun Gong, policeman Zhang Yan locked her up in a small cell
that was less than 1.5 m in height. Ms. Li was forced to remain
still in a bent over position for 72 hours while deprived of sleep
and food. If she moved even a little, she was beaten.
Afterwards, Ms. Li was locked in the small cell for many
more days. There was no table, bed, or toilet in the small cell,
and Ms. Li had to eat, sleep, and relieve herself in the same
small cell. As it was the middle of summer, she suffered from
the suffocating heat, mosquito bites, and unbearable stench in
the cell. Still, the guards shocked her hands, feet, chest, and
neck with high-voltage electric batons. The shocks caused her
to begin twitching and burned her flesh black. Camp guard
Zhang Yan also tortured her by forcing her to hold the "flying
airplane" position for over two hours, until she lost conscious-
ness. After she woke up, she was forced to hold the "flying air-
plane" position for four days and four nights. Ms. Li suffered
greatly from the mental pressure of continuous torture; she
became extremely weak, and little more than skin and bones.
Then Ms. Li was sent back to do hard labor for extended
periods at a time. She was often beaten. She developed a ter-
rible complexion and fell into a depression. Since she was not
released after the one-year term ended, she began a hunger
strike and refused to do the forced labor. Thereafter, she was
shocked with electric batons every day. After several days' tor-
ture, she stared blankly and talked to nobody. She became
incontinent. She was sent to the Shenyang Mental Hospital in
Shenyang City. In May 2001, Ms. Li was taken home, and still
has not recovered.
My Suffering in a Beijing Police Station
I am a resident of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.
On the morning of January 29, 2001, I was arrested on
Tiananmen Square in Beijing because I practice Falun Gong. I
was taken to the Tiananmen Police Station and locked up in an
iron cage where more than 10 practitioners were being held. At
about 8 p.m., I was taken to the Beishicao County Police
Station, where I was interrogated by policeman Liu.
After being interrogated, I was taken out to the yard where
Liu took off my coat and sweater, forced me to wrap my arms
around a tree, and tightly cuffed my hands. He rolled up my
sleeves to expose my arms. Another policeman held my clothes
under my throat, so that I could only move my head backwards.
This made my neck became spastic. They proceeded to stuff
snow down my back and drive a car in front of me in order to
blow cold air at me. Exposed in the frigid air, my whole body
became numb.
When they finally released me from the tree, they pulled
me into a room and immediately placed my hands on extreme-
ly hot heating pipes. The palms of my hands were burned.
Then, they stripped me down to my cotton undergarments,
cuffed my hands and right foot to the heating pipes, and forced
me to stand on my left foot. Suddenly, Liu violently pulled on
my left leg and I was completely hanging in the air. It seemed
that my hands were broken, and my whole body soon became
numb. Even now, both of my hands are still numb.
After a while, he pulled
me up and threw my head
against the wall. He then pro-
ceeded to shock the sensi-
tive parts of my thighs, navel,
neck, etc. with an electric
baton. He continued to shock
me until I lost control of my
urine. Because I was having
my menstrual period at the
time, menstrual blood also
rushed out. Consequently,
urine and menstrual blood
were everywhere on the
ground. He continued to tor-
ture me until after 6 a.m. the next day. Then, I was cuffed to the
heating pipes with three pairs of handcuffs and not permitted
to sleep. After 9 a.m., policeman Zheng interrogated me until
noon. Immediately following the interrogation, he brought out
three willow twigs: one thick, one thin, and one with an egg-
sized knot on one end. He proceeded to cuff me to the heating
pipes, draw back the curtain, and close the door. He began to
whip my legs; especially my thighs, with the three twigs one
after another. To prevent me from shouting, he used chop-
sticks to brace my mouth.
Even after the willow twigs were broken, he continued to
beat me until I lost consciousness. He also burned my hands
on the heating pipes. After I regained consciousness, I was
interrogated again in the afternoon. After 5 p.m., I was taken to
the yard where, once again, they wrapped my arms around a
tree and tightly cuffed my hands. The ground was snowy and in
the freezing temperature of -8 or -9 C (17 F), Zheng continued
to whip me with a twig until I lost control of my urine. My legs
were as black as charcoal and badly swollen. Even now the
bruises and swelling on my legs are still quite clear. I still have
difficulty walking and my legs frequently become numb.
After the police escorted me back to Chengdu City, they
extorted 8,000 Yuan from my family. I was under surveillance
at home.
At present, I have to wander about on the street, and can-
not go back home.
Legs were covered with bruises
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Torture: Shuangcheng City
Punitive Force-FFeeding
Guo Mingxia, female, 45, Chengzhi Village, Chaoyang Town,
Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province.
Police from Shuangcheng City took Ms. Guo Mingxia from
her home, saying that they wanted to talk to her, and would
bring her back in a short while. Instead, they escorted Ms. Guo
directly to the Shuangcheng detention center, where she and
other Falun Gong practitioners began a hunger strike to
protest their illegal detention. The leader of the detention cen-
ter, Cui, ordered the inmates and guard Han to beat them even
though they had not eaten for four days. The guards grabbed
the practitioners' hair, slammed their heads against the wall,
and forced them to sit on the cement floor.
Later, Ms. Guo was sent to the Wanjia Labor Camp. She
went on hunger strikes more than 10 times during her deten-
tion there. Song Shaohui, an administrator at the labor camp
clinic, beat her so badly that her nose became black and blue
and her face swelled up. After the beating she was forcibly
given an injection and dragged into solitary confinement. In
the cell, she lost consciousness, the back of her head became
numb, and she had difficulty moving her body.
On October 24, 2001, Ms. Guo was sent to the labor
camp's clinic, where administrator Song struck her face and a
group of male doctors forcibly gave her an injection. She was
beaten and force-fed every day for over 50 days. On about the
40th day she began vomiting blood, which continued for over
10 days. However, the camp doctors continued to force-feed
her. Her weight dropped from 70 kg to just over 30 kg. One
time, her extremely weakened body was shaking all over and a
female guard, Yu Fangli, pointed to her and spat, "Die, die
quickly. You deserve it!"
By December 6, 2001, Ms. Guo and four other Falun Gong
practitioners in the labor camp had been on a hunger strike for
over 50 days to demand their release. They were force-fed
again. Police, prison doctors, and guards hit and kicked them.
They held the practitioners' heads to the ground, yanking their
hair back while kicking them directly in the face. Practitioners'
faces became disfigured and blood gushed out of their
mouths. Ms. Guo and others lost consciousness and were
force-fed again when they regained consciousness.
Fainted from Choking, Arm Twisted Until Broken
I am a female resident of Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang
Around 11 p.m. on February 9, 2001, Police Officer Zhao
Yujun of the local police station, along with more than ten
policemen and staff members of the "610" Office, broke into
my home. They searched my house, back yard, and my body
trying to find Falun Gong materials. When they could not find
any by around midnight, they confiscated my brand-new VCR,
two radios, and my tapes and CDs. Then, detention center offi-
cers Jin Wanzhi and Zhang Guofu ordered four policemen to
take me away. My head hit the wall as the four policemen
dragged me out of my home, and I fell down on the bed. They
continued dragging me on the floor, causing my head to strike
the door. I nearly fainted from the impact. Then, they wrapped
two comforters around me. One policeman clutched my neck
until I couldn't breathe, and another twisted my arms until my
right arm actually broke.
My husband, son, and daughter tried to protect me from
being taken away. When my son placed me on the bed, I was
on the verge of death. Fearing I would die in front of them, all
of the policemen left my home. I finally regained conscious-
ness after 3 a.m., but felt dizzy and had difficulty breathing. My
neck was black and blue and I could not move my right arm.
Throughout the day, I felt faint. My daughter-in-law was so
scared that she moved back to her parents' home. My son was
so frightened that he wandered the streets rather than remain
at home, and my daughter feared that policemen would take
me away to die. The stress made my husband unable to eat.
The authorities threatened to jail me when I recovered.
Barbaric Beating and Force-Feeding in Shuangcheng City
Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province
background image
I used to be an ordinary person with no spiritual beliefs. On
April 22, 2001, I was sentenced to eight months in jail for ille-
gally holding someone in custody, and I was detained in the
Shenyang Detention Center.
While in the Shenyang Detention center, I met Falun Gong
practitioners for the first time in my life. They were: Ms. Wang
Yaping, Ms. Wu Yuhua, Ms. Wang Juan, and one other. They
were all very kind. Under the unbearable conditions, the prac-
titioners truly remained "Truthful-Compassionate-Tolerant,"
and they left me with a deep and lasting impression. A week
later, most of them were transferred to Longshan Labor Camp,
and only Wang Juan remained.
On May 7, another practitioner, Ms. Bai Xiujuan, was put in
our cell. When the head of our cell forcibly stripped off her
clothes, we saw bruises and cuts all over her body. That night I
talked to her and learned that she had suffered four days of
torture before she came to Shenyang. Six policemen, all at
once, shocked her with electric batons. They removed her
clothes, tied her up, and savagely beat her. They shocked her
breasts and vagina with the high voltage-batons and insulted
her with shameless and dirty words. I could see that every part
of her body was injured by the beatings. I was shocked by what
I heard and what I saw. I felt sad for those policemen, but I felt
sadder for our country. Meanwhile, I admired the strong-willed
Falun Gong practitioners. They gave up everything they had for
their belief in Falun Gong. For speaking out about the persecu-
tion, they courageously risked their lives. I saw the nobility of
Falun Gong in Ms. Bai. I believed everything she said. Ms. Bai
was the fifth Falun Gong practitioner that I had met while in the
detention center.
On May 27, three more practitioners arrived: Ms. Yin
Liping, Ms. Zou Guirong, and Ms. Zhou Yanbo. They had been
on a hunger strike for ten days already. I learned that because
they refused to give up Falun Gong, they had been incarcerat-
ed and tortured in six different detention centers and labor
camps, including the notorious Masanjia Labor Camp and
Zhangshi Labor Camp. The guards in labor camps even locked
them up with male criminals and let those male criminals
abuse and rape them. The courage and dedication of these
practitioners to their faith really touched some of the common
prisoners there, and I began to help take care of them.
On June 4, an older woman, Ms. Ma, was sent in. She was
also a practitioner. I noticed that all practitioners treated each
other like a family, all very sincere and considerate. A few days
later, all four of them were taken away. By June 14, Ms. Yin and
Ms. Zou were sent back, with wounds all over their bodies. I
saw once more the heinous crimes that the police committed
against Falun Gong practitioners.
A few days later, Ms. Zhao Shuhuan, Ms. Li Jiazhen, Ms.
Wang Jie, and Ms. Lu Guoqin were put in our cell, and Ms. Zhou
Yanbo was also sent back. There were a total of seven practi-
tioners there. On June 22, the guard gathered us common pris-
oners together, ordered us to monitor and prohibit the practi-
tioners from doing the Falun Gong exercises, and to inform the
guards if anyone did them. I sought out Ms. Yin and asked her
why they insisted on doing the exercises. Ms. Yin told me, "I
have suffered numerous beatings and torture. The police did
not give me any treatment for my wounds, nor even a single
tablet of medicine. It was the Falun Gong exercises that helped
me recover time after time. Tell me, can I not do the exercises,
can I not be a Falun Gong practitioner?" I saw the wondrous-
ness of Falun Gong from their resilient bodies and spirits.
Falun Gong indeed is supernormal. I therefore remained acqui-
escent when they did their exercises.
Other prisoners however, were not as cooperative. They
attacked practitioners to get them to stop doing their exercis-
es. Ms. Zou was hit so hard over the head that she lapsed into
a coma. The guards who responded did not punish the attack-
ers. Ironically, they locked the practitioners up in solitary con-
Because of her head injury, Ms. Zou was in serious condi-
tion and lapsed in and out of consciousness. To escape their
responsibilities, the guards tried to trick Ms. Zou into writing, "I
died from practicing Falun Gong." When Ms. Zou refused, four
policemen beat her viciously. At this point, all seven practition-
ers protested together with a hunger strike. They did not eat
any food, nor did they drink water.
Their protest went on for 21 days. The guards began to
force-feed them. All seven resisted. They resisted the persecu-
tion with their lives. From the practitioners actions I saw the
power and righteousness of Falun Gong. I now hold Falun Gong
disciples and their teacher in a most respectful place in my
heart. In the end, on August 10, they prevailed. The guards had
to release them from the detention center. They persevered
through the most arduous of circumstances. They truly
attained the freedom that ought to belong to them.
On August 24 seven other practitioners were sent in,
including Ms. Zhou Yumei, Ms. Su Yu, Ms. Huang Xin, Ms. Li
Yuan, and others. They all came with severe injuries from the
inhuman police torture. The guards again ordered us common
prisoners to further abuse the practitioners. However, the prac-
titioners always treated our viciousness with compassion, told
us the higher principles of being noble people, and dispelled
much of our life-long confusion about the purpose of living.
They were the second group of practitioners that I met in jail.
Like the previous group, they went on a hunger strike and were
released three weeks later.
The third group of practitioners that I met included Ms.
Ren Shuojie, Ms. Wu Yanping, and Ms. Ma Lianxiao. They were
sent in on November 14, with wounds all over their bodies. At
Torture: Shenyang Detention Center
The Thirty-four Falun Gong Practitioners I Came to Know in the Shenyang Detention Center
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that time, they had been on a hunger strike for eight days
already. Their hunger strike was joined by practitioners Ms. Jin
Qian, Ms. Zhang Yaping, etc. They were all released on
December 3.
From these three groups of Falun Gong practitioners, I
gradually came to see the truth and power of Falun Gong, and
I began to practice Falun Gong myself.
On December 23, 2001, another practitioner, Ms. Liu
Xiangdang came. I was together with her for eight days. In
those eight days, she told me many things that I did not under-
stand about Falun Gong, and many higher principles that I had
never known. I felt so lucky.
At that point, I had been in jail for seven months. In those
seven months, I had known and interacted with 31 Falun Gong
practitioners. From these courageous people I understood so
many things I needed to know. I felt my incarceration was a
blessing in disguise, the greatest blessing one could ever get,
because I learned the truth and had the fortune to become a
Falun Gong practitioner.
Afterwards, I met three more practitioners: Ms. Wen Jun,
Ms. Wang Xibin, and Ms. Xu Min. They were transferred from
another detention center where they had been detained and
tortured for over a year. However, their hearts had not been
moved even a little bit. Those are the 34 Falun Gong practition-
ers that I met while in Shenyang Detention center. Through
them, I learned the ultimate truth of the universe; through
them, I began to practice Falun Gong. Through the practice, I
experienced the physical and mental benefits of Falun Gong.
Nothing will be able to take away my belief in Falun Gong, a
belief gained through personal experience and enlightenment.
Dentist Disabled from Severe Torture
Gu Changqin, female, 46, dentist, resident of Nanpiao District,
Huludao City, Liaoning Province.
In October 1999, Ms. Gu Changqin was arrested for
appealing in Beijing and was escorted back to her hometown,
Huludao City, in handcuffs. At Gangyaoling Detention Center,
she was shackled to a "death board". Three days later, she was
transferred to the Masanjia Labor Camp, where she was given
a three-year term without any legal procedures. In the labor
camp, Ms. Gu was frequently tortured. She suffered forced
standing, forced squatting, body-folding, forced sitting, and
other forced postures for long periods of time. She was also
deprived of sleep for many days. In mid-November 1999,
inmate Li Fenglian, following the guards' instructions, cruelly
tortured practitioners. She brutally beat each of the practition-
ers in Room 4, Squad 1. She punched and kicked their heads,
faces, necks, and chests. On many occasions, Ms. Gu was
beaten until she vomited blood.
constant physical torture including the following: forced
standing for long periods of time, body folding (standing with
two legs straight and knees together in a toe touching posi-
tion), being forced to remain alert while facing a wall for many
hours, denial of sleep, hard labor, verbal abuse and beating.
Besides the physical abuse, Ms. Gu was under constant
mental torment. The guards instructed two inmates to watch
her 24 hours a day; even when sleeping, she was sandwiched
between two inmates. She was not allowed speak to anyone, or
else she would be suspected conspiring to make trouble and
punished. She was not allowed to close her eyes during the
day, or she would be suspected of doing meditation. She could
only go to the bathroom twice a day and was watched and
The mental and physical torment and the 16 hours per day
of forced labor severely damaged Ms. Gu's health. In October
2000, Ms. Gu experienced difficulty in eating, breathing, and
speaking. A medical "expert" was brought to the labor camp to
examine her. The doctor briefly touched the back of Gu's neck
and said, "She is okay. You can do whatever you want to do
with her." What he meant was forced-feeding. Even though Ms.
Gu was not involved in any hunger strike but had trouble swal-
lowing food, she was accused of pretending and was force-fed
anyway, causing her extreme pain. Meanwhile, the guards and
inmates who originally forbade Ms. Gu to talk to anyone now
forced her to speak, which she had difficulty doing. As a result
of the cruelty, her health condition deteriorated rapidly. One
side of her face became swollen. Also, she developed such
pain that she could not sleep on her back. On November 1,
2001, Ms. Gu was sent home.
On November 7, 2000, Hao Shushan, Chief of Nanpiao
Division, Gangyaoling Police Station, brought 4-5 policemen
with him to Ms. Gu's house, kicked open the front door, ran-
sacked her home, and took away all her Falun Gong books,
Torture: Shenyang Detention Center
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compact discs, and a cassette recorder. Then they wrote false
reports accusing her of organizing Falun Gong activities. As a
result, Ms. Gu was sent back to the Masanjia Forced Labor
Camp, where she was sexually abused and brutally beaten by
Zhang Jun, a vicious policeman from the Third Squad. She was
so battered by the attack that her eyes were swollen and she
vomited. She could not speak anymore, although Hao insisted
that she could. She was sent to the hospital and diagnosed
with cancer; the medical record of the diagnosis was kept in
Masanjia Hospital. Dong Bin (female, the head of the Third
Squad) sent her home on May 30, 2001.
Ms. Gu cannot practice dentistry anymore because she
has lost her ability to speak. Her livelihood is in jeopardy and
she relies on the financial assistance of other people. Her 80-
year-old mother is suffering from a serious heart ailment as a
result of the ordeal the family has gone through. In addition,
Ms. Gu is a single parent. Her 16-year-old daughter has had to
drop out of school because of the family's hardship. Ms. Gu is
still closely monitored by the Police Station.
Hung Up in "Carrying a Sword over the Back"
Position and Beaten
Kou Xiaoping, female, 40, was a government employee who
worked in a bank, resident of Lishan District, Anshan City,
Liaoning Province.
Ms. Kou Xiaoping went to Beijing to appeal for the right to
practice Falun Gong several times after July 20, 1999. The
police arrested her and escorted her back to Anshan City,
where she was illegally detained at the No. 3 Detention Center
for 15 days. The police handcuffed her with one arm over the
shoulder linked to the other arm behind her back and hung her
in this position for a whole day. Meanwhile, she was beaten
until she was black and blue all over. After being released, she
had her salary suspended and was forced to undergo brain-
washing. Because Ms. Kou refused to give up practicing Falun
Dafa, she was illegally sentenced in November 2000 to two
years of forced labor.
In the labor camp, to force her to renounce Falun Gong,
she was not allowed to sleep for a whole month. In February
2002, Ms. Kou joined other practitioners on a group hunger
strike to protest the persecution. After four days, police force-
fed them as a form of torture. Many practitioners had strong
reactions from these force-feeding torture sessions. Ms. Kou
felt discomfort all over her body, her mouth was extremely dry,
her nails and face turned pale, and she felt pain in her internal
organs. Ms. Kou was eventually sent to a hospital for emer-
gency treatment. Two days later, on February 22, 2002, she
passed away. Soon after Ms. Kou was persecuted to death, her
sister, Ms. Kou Xiaokun, was tortured to death in Masanjia
Forced Labor Camp.