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Sexual Violations
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Sexual Violations
Photo Overleaf: Masanjia Labor Camp
Artist's rendering of women being thrown into male jail cells at Masanjia Labor Camp.
In the summer of 2001, guards at the notorious Masanjia Labor Camp stripped 18 women naked and threw them into the cells of violent male criminals, where they were gang-raped.
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Sexual Violations
Stripped Naked and Shocked on Her Genitals
until Dead
Li Yinping,, female, 37, an employee of Weifang Animal
Husbandry Bureau, Weifang City, Shandong Province.
On June 4, 2001, Ms. Li Yinping
was merely visiting a fellow practition-
er's home in Majia Village of
Shouguang City, Weifang region.
Police from the Shouguang Police
Station came to arrest Ms. Li and all
other practitioners who were there.
They were all detained at the Sunji
Police station, although no legitimate
criminal charges were brought against
them. They were forced to stand out-
side to be burned under the hot sun.
Ms. Li was also interrogated and beat-
en. Afterwards, the police interned the
practitioners without any legal procedure in the Shouguang
Detention Center.
On the afternoon of June 6, 2001, Ms. Li, along with the
other detained Falun Gong practitioners, requested uncondi-
tional release. The policemen dragged Ms. Li into the hallway
and beat her with a rubber baton. After drinking alcohol, five to
six policemen began another round of torture. They slapped
her face, twisted one of her arms behind her back, grabbed her
hair and pulled her head back, hit her all over her body with
rubber batons, and shocked her with electric batons. The
policemen stripped Ms. Li of all of her clothing to inflict more
pain by beating her unprotected skin. After beating Ms. Li, the
policemen chained her to an "Iron Chair". After taking a break,
later on in the evening, the director of the detention center,
Team Leader Wang, and other guards took turns shocking her
genitals with electric batons. Her whole body was shaking, and
had turned dark purple and black. She suffered severe pain,
and lost consciousness several times. Each time, the guards
revived her with cold water, so that they could shock her again.
One of the officers threatened to rape and kill her. They contin-
ued to shock her with the batons even after she began spitting
up blood. This torture lasted for several hours. Ms. Li was left
chained to the iron chair, and she kept vomiting all night.
By early the next morning, June 7, 2001, Ms. Li had lost
consciousness and no pulse could be detected. However, the
policemen still would not take her to the hospital. At last, they
accepted that she was near death, so the plainclothes police-
men took her to the People's Hospital at Shouguang City,
where she died that same day.
Vagina and Anus Stuffed with Socks at
a Detention Center in Beijing
Pan Dongmei, female, 20, resident of Dianbai City, Guangdong
On April 3, 2001, Ms. Pan was arrested and sent to the
Chaoyang District Detention Center in Beijing because she
went to Beijing to appeal to the government to stop the perse-
cution of Falun Gong. During her detention, from April 5 to April
8, she was tied to a wooden rack in Room #612, where she
was force-fed through her nose. One policeman took off Ms.
Pan's socks and stuffed one into her vagina and the other one
into her anus. The policeman also directed prisoners to seal
Ms. Pan's mouth with tape. Ms. Pan was tortured so terribly
that she lost consciousness.
From April 8 to April 10, Ms. Pan was interrogated day and
night. As she was not allowed to sleep or rest, she suffered
from extreme fatigue. On April 11, at midday, policeman Kang
Jianjun stripped a male practitioner's pants off and dragged
him into Ms. Pan's presence. He tried to force her to look at the
male practitioner's private parts. Since Ms. Pan refused to
look, Kang threatened to take off her clothes as well. Then
Kang burned Ms. Pan and the male practitioner's faces with a
lighter until they were black and covered with blisters. In spite
of the severe pain it caused them, Kang used a piece of filthy
cardboard to wipe the soot from their faces.
Sexually Abused and Dog-B
Bitten at Shanxi
Female Labor Camp
Most of the arrested female Falun Gong practitioners in
Shanxi Province were detained at the Shanxi Female Labor
Camp. The camp guards often tortured and sexually abused
them. To force the practitioners give up their belief, the camp
guards bound four toothbrushes, inserted them into a practi-
tioner's vagina, and twisted the brushes harshly. They often
instigated the criminal inmates to beat the practitioners. The
camp guards put Falun Gong founder Mr. Li Hongzhi's pictures
on practitioners' beds and other places that practitioners had
to pass every day, so the practitioners were not able to consci-
entiously sleep on their beds or move about freely. They even
freed the dogs from their leashes and let the dogs run loose to
bite practitioners. The head of the brainwashing center of
Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province learned the torture process when
he visited Shanxi Female Labor Camp. After he went back, he
also used dogs to torture Falun Gong practitioners at his cen-
ter. As the result, several more practitioners were bitten and
Ms. Li Yinping
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Sexual Violations
On February 26, 2002, twelve Falun Gong practitioners
from Weifang City, Shandong Province went to Beijing to appeal
to the government to stop persecuting Falun Gong. They were
arrested and brutally beaten. Later they were sent back to the
local police station, where they were handcuffed and locked up
in a dark garage for five days and nights before being interro-
Wang Xiuyu, female, about 35 years old, resident of Wang
Zhuang Village, Weifang City.
Li Li, Communist Party Committee Assistant Secretary of
the county, interrogated Ms. Wang Xiuyu. He shouted at Ms.
Wang, fiercely pushed her onto the floor, stomped on her body,
and violently kicked her neck and face. Then Li ordered the
police and their accomplices to take turns beating her. They
ruthlessly kicked Ms. Wang back and forth between them like
a soccer ball. When they became tired, they brought out elec-
tric batons to shock her neck, back, and even put the electric
baton into her mouth to shock her tongue. A few hours later, Li
ordered three of his young accomplices to beat Ms. Wang with
a big wooden club, one meter long and as thick as a forearm.
On the afternoon of the same day, Li and another ruffian forced
Ms. Wang to sit on the floor, spread her legs, and then insert-
ed the electric baton into her mouth to shock her. He even
shoved the electric baton down her back and into her under-
wear to shock her. Then Li ordered one thug to force a chair
over Ms. Wang's head, then two of them pressed hard on top
of the chair, forcing it down on her and immobilizing her. In
front of the others, Li shocked Ms. Wang's inner thighs and
groin with an electric baton. Then he poured water over her
chest and pushed the electric baton into her underwear to
shock her, brutally inserting the electric baton into her vagina.
Zhang Suzhen, female, 42, resident of Lijiazhuang Village of
Weifang City.
Wang Quanfeng, the Chief Captain of the National Security
Military Unit of Fang Ziqu Public Security Bureau, and some
others stripped off Ms. Zhang's pants and then hit her lower
back and buttocks extremely hard with a wooden club. They
beat her so viciously that the club broke. Ms. Zhang was
injured all over, her entire body was swollen, and they only
stopped when she became unconscious. The lower part of Ms.
Zhang's body was totally black and bruised; the flesh and
blood were stuck to her underwear, and she had great difficul-
ty taking off her clothing. She could not even walk by herself.
Fang Yixiang, female, 48, resident of Houdeng Village, Weifang
Ms. Fang Yixiang refused to renounce Falun Gong, so Yu
Jinxiang, the Secretary of the County Armed Forces, and Wang
Quanfeng brutally stomped on Ms. Fang's body. They shocked
her with electric batons and beat her with a wooden club from
head to toe. Policemen then beat her on the knees and shins.
Yu Jinxiang struck Ms. Fang's head so hard with a wooden rod
that blood gushed down her face. They then pressed a chair
onto Ms. Fang's legs, handcuffed both of her hands to the back
of the chair, and shocked her body all over with electric batons.
They shamelessly and brutally shocked her genitals. During the
entire torture, they did not give her anything to eat for four days
and nights and did not allow her to sleep. Ms. Fang was tor-
tured until she was injured and bruised all over her body. There
was not a place on her body that was unscathed. Her face was
extremely swollen.
Wang Fengping, female, 46, resident of Wang Zhuang village,
Weifang City.
In order to force Ms. Wang Fengping to give up her practice
of Falun Gong, policeman Bi Xiaochen slapped her face repeat-
edly, punched and kicked her, and shocked her with an electric
baton. During the night, Li Li used a square wooden board to
strike her toes and thumbs and shocked her entire body with
an electric baton. Policeman Ju Youxiang cruelly stuck the elec-
tric baton into her mouth to shock her tongue and kicked her
lower back and legs with all his strength.
Wang Huixia, female, 36, resident of Fumayingercun Village,
Weifang City.
While Ms. Wang Huixia was being interrogated, the ruffi-
ans took turns stomping on her legs and knees, hitting her
thighs with a wooden board, and shocking her mouth with an
electric baton because she would not obey their orders.
One day after the interrogation, practitioners Ms. Wang
Xiuyu, Ms. Zhang Suzhen, Ms. Fang Yixiang, Ms. Wang
Bloody Violence and Sexual Assault by Weifang Police
Weifang City, Shandong Province
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Sexual Violations
1. Liu Runling, female, 38, an employee of the Yuji Cosmetics
Store, resident of Hebei Province.
2. Wei Tianchen, female, 45, an employee of the Hebei
Provincial Decoration Corp., resident of Shijiazhuang City,
Hebei Province.
On September 28, 2001, Ms. Liu Runling was arrested and
detained at the No.1 Detention Center. In January 2002,
because she refused to renounce Falun Gong, guards ordered
several inmates to torture Ms. Liu. They dragged Ms. Liu into a
bathroom, stripped her naked, and beat her up. Then they
pinched the most sensitive parts of her body, inserted dirty
stuff such as hair and used sanitary napkins into her vagina,
and pierced her with needles for 40 minutes. By then, Ms. Liu
was on the brink of collapse. This torture left her whole body
covered with wounds; both her breasts had turned black and
needle holes could be found all over her body. Ms. Liu is still
being detained in the No.1 Detention Center.
In May 2000, Ms. Wei Tianchen went to Beijing to appeal
to the government to stop persecuting Falun Gong and was
arrested and sentenced to two years of forced labor. In
November 2000, she was released when she became
extremely weak. In July 2001, Ms. Wei was arrested again and
sentenced to four years in the No.1 Detention Center. During
her detention, she was often stripped naked and beaten for
refusing to give up Falun Gong. One day in January 2002, offi-
cer Yan put shackles on Ms. Wei and ordered an inmate to pour
lots of icy water on her body. She was forced to sleep on the icy
ground for one month. Ms. Wei is still being detained in the
No.1 Detention Center.
Sexually Abused at No. 1 Detention Center, Shijiazhuang City
Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province
Fengping, and Ms. Wang Huixia were sent to the Fangzi
Detention Center of Weifang City. However, Li Li still went to the
detention center to keep torturing them. Ms. Wang Fengping
was forced to stand on a stool for two hours with her back bent
at a 90-degree angle and her arms stretched out horizontally.
In addition, they kept hitting Ms. Wang's fingers, shins, and
knees. All of her limbs were badly swollen due to the heavy
blows. When she could not stand any more, they forced her to
lie on a stool with her head suspended in midair and four limbs
touching the ground. They shamelessly hit her breasts and
shocked her body with electric batons. Due to the repeated
electric shocks and beating, many places of her body were
swollen and bruised. In addition, while Ms. Wang was detained,
police kidnapped and tortured her daughter, holding her
hostage until finally extorting 2,000 Yuan from her family in
exchange for the release of her daughter.
Zhang Shirong, female, 60, resident of Deng Village, Weifang
At the police station, Ms. Zhang Shirong kept suffering
from the policemen's brutal torture. Policeman Yu Jinxiang
forced her to lie down on the ground and raise her four limbs
vertically. Then he put a teacup on the sole of her foot. When
her foot trembled from fatigue, the teacup dropped and broke
into pieces. Then Yu stuffed the sharp pieces into Ms. Zhang's
clothes and forced her to lie on her back. As a result, her back
was cut and bled profusely. For a whole night, she was tortured
and continuously pressured to write a "guarantee statement"
renouncing Falun Gong. She was not released until she paid a
fine of 3,000 Yuan.
Wang Xiaojuan, female, 20, resident of Yuanshang Village,
Weifang City.
Some policemen locked Ms. Wang Xiaojuan into a room
and forced her to kneel on the floor. They beat, kicked, and
shocked her all over with electric batons. One policeman vio-
lently kicked her lower back while policeman Liu Xianxun
shocked her mouth with an electric baton. On another night,
ten people used the technique of wrapping a telephone wire
around her fingers and shocking her. They tortured and humil-
iated her in various ways, such as forcing her to stand on her
head, to squat and walk with a stance called "horse steps",
and to stand motionless on a stool for a long period of time.
They even threw a lit cigarette into her mouth.
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Sexual Violations
Stripped Naked, Beaten Unconscious, and
Punitive Force-FFeeding
On the morning of December 1, 2000, I went to
Tiananmen Square to appeal to the government to stop perse-
cuting Falun Gong practitioners. I was arrested and sent to the
Beijing Haidian Detention Center the following day.
When I arrived, after 8 p.m., the police stripped me naked
to search for Falun Gong materials and take away my money.
At that time, I was menstruating and the blood dripped on the
floor. Upon seeing this, a policewoman slapped my face so
hard that it made me dizzy. Later, when I was interrogated, one
policeman used an electric baton to shock my head and face
with great force.
When a policewoman sent me to a cell, she instigated the
criminal inmates to torture me. At first, the female inmates
forced me to stand barefoot on the cement floor in the
December cold. Then, five to six inmates punched and kicked
me, aiming at my chest and temple. After they were tired of
beating me, they forced me into positions like "riding an air-
plane" and "gecko climbing the wall." When I refused to com-
ply, they rushed over and beat me until I lost consciousness.
While I was half-conscious, one of the female criminals pulled
me up by my hair. She slapped my face, head, and hands with
her plastic slippers. I started bleeding, and my hair fell all over
the floor. Then she grabbed my hair and slammed my head
against the wall until I lost consciousness again. After they
rested, they kicked me to wake me up. Then, a strong deaf
inmate started to beat me up. Later they brought three buckets
of cold water, stripped me naked, and dragged me into the
shower. They used a mug to dump water on my chest and
head. The deaf inmate fanned cold air on me with a towel. I
was shivering from the cold and my menstrual fluid dripped all
over the place. Then, that big deaf inmate came to beat me up
again. She punched my temple and knocked me down into a
puddle. I passed out right there. I don't know how much time
passed before they woke me up again for more torture. I found
black and blue bruises all over my body. This kind of torture
lasted the whole night.
The next day, I went on a hunger strike to protest the tor-
ture and illegal detention. The inmates stripped off my jacket
and dragged me to a cold and windy place. They pushed me to
the ground and punched and kicked me. They also used a toi-
let brush to force open my mouth to force-feed me. They
pinched my nose, choked me, and pressed my stomach in
order to force my mouth open. I was suffocated and almost lost
consciousness. They still could not force anything down my
throat. Then the police came. They shackled me to an iron bed
and started to force-feed me. They used newspapers to cover
my eyes and stuck a very long rubber tube through my nose
and down into my stomach. All the while they cursed me. If any-
thing squirted on them, they punched me. One of the male
police used his hand to crush my knee with great pressure. I
felt as if my bones would break into pieces, and I was in so
much pain that I was soon drenched in tears and sweat. I was
force-fed in this brutal manner nine times during my detention
Stripped Naked and Fondled by Police
Jiang Zilan, female, 39, a factory worker from Daqing City,
Heilongjiang Province.
In early May 2000, I was arrested because I visited a Falun
Gong practitioner's home. I was detained for 15 days at
Dongfeng Detention Center, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province.
On May 11, along with other practitioners, I started a hunger
strike to protest the illegal detention. On May 12, when I was
sitting on my bed, two male police guards came to my cell, and
told me that the director of the detention center wanted to talk
to me. The guards grabbed my arms and dragged me to their
office. However, the director was nowhere to be seen. Only a
female guard, Cui, and two other male guards were there. They
pushed me to the ground, and the male guards held my arms
and feet to the ground. The female guard pulled my sweater
over my head, unbuttoned my shirt, and stripped off all of my
clothes except my underwear. Then she pulled down my under-
wear with one hand and stroked my private parts with the other
hand. I was shocked, and I cried out from instinct, "Help!
Help!!!" I yelled at the female guard, "Are you still a woman?
Are you still a human being? Don't you have any sense of
shame?" But the shameless female guard said, "What are you
crying for? I kept your underwear on." Later I was dragged back
to my cell without any clothes on my upper body. This inhuman
abuse almost caused me to have a mental breakdown.
I tried to completely forget this incident. It is very painful to
recall it, because I was so shocked that it removed my courage
to face life, but I know that I have to reveal this abuse to the
world, to help stop the persecution of Falun Gong.
Dongfeng Detention Center
Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province
A Survivor of Haidian Detention Center
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Sexual Violations
In March 2002, police from the First Branch of the
Changchun City Police Bureau arrested me on suspicion that I
was involved in broadcasting on cable TV, a program that
exposed the Chinese government's brutal persecution of Falun
They took me to Jingyue Hotel in Jingyue Mountain area.
The Police Bureau occupied the entire first floor of the hotel,
and every room on that floor had been turned into a torture
chamber. All the windows and doors were covered by thick fab-
ric to block out light and sounds, and the rooms were filled with
torture devices: batons, ropes, plastic bags, tiger benches,
electric baton chargers, etc. It was a horrifying, hellish place.
As soon as the vicious police took me into a room, they
handcuffed my hands and roped my feet to a tiger bench. They
stripped off my clothing and started to interrogate me. When
they could not get me to "confess," they started to shock me
with electric batons.
One policeman used two short batons to shock both sides
of my neck, and another took a long baton and placed it on my
breasts to shock me. The blue sparks and exploding sound
filled the room immediately. As if this was not enough, they
used another short baton to shock the back of my neck. The
power of four batons shook my head around violently. The
police then shocked my face. As my mouth was uncontrollably
opened, they stuck a baton into my mouth to shock me. After a
while, they placed two batons under my arms, and one police-
man even placed a baton over my eyes.
As they could not get me to yield to them, the police start-
ed to shock my lower body. One used a kind of baton that had
two sharp electrodes to pierce into the inside of my thigh. As he
continued to pierce and shock, my inner thigh became covered
in blood. The other policeman used a baton to shock my private
parts. Using these gruesome methods, they shocked me all
night long. My nipples were completely charred in the end, and
the smell of burnt flesh filled the room.
The next day, the police continued to torture me. They
poured electricity-conducting liquid over me and shocked me
with batons. The shocks caused my whole body to cramp, and
the agony was indescribable. They then took me down from the
"tiger bench" and tied my hands and feet together from
behind, forcing me to bend over backwards to form an "O"
shape. They then hung me high, and dropped me down to
crash to the ground. As they tortured me again and again, they
shouted, "The pain is going to escalate!"
After torturing me for four days, the police still could not
force me to yield to them. They then threatened that they would
bury me alive. They finally sent me to a cell in a detention cen-
ter. Dozens of inmates cried upon seeing my horrible shape.
My whole face was full of blood-filled blisters, my ears were
swollen to very long and thick pieces, and the insides of my lips
protruded outwards. When the police stripped off my clothes,
most inmates were frightened and closed their eyes, turning
their heads in disgust from my tortured appearance.
Many practitioners there have suffered severe torture
One was named Wang Lili. Her legs were so swollen from being
beaten that she was unable to squat to urinate. She had to be
sent to the emergency room in a hospital, where a doctor found
that one of her kidneys had been destroyed from the beating.
Another practitioner, in her fifties, was also shocked badly. The
police also suffocated her with a plastic bag. Another practi-
tioner was also suffocated with a plastic bag. Only when she
was suffocated to the point of losing control of her bladder did
the police remove the plastic bag from her head.
I have not suffered as much as some other practitioners.
Every night, we could hear cries from those being tortured,
cries that could rip through one's heart. I could only imagine
what they were going through; but really, I couldn't!
Nipples Charred, Face Burned and Distorted, and Thighs Bloodied
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I am a Falun Gong practitioner who firmly believes in
Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance. Like all other Falun
Gong practitioners in Mainland China, I have been suffering
under the Chinese government's constant persecution for over
three years.
For over three years, I have been forced to remain home-
less to avoid illegal arrest. My husband, who is not a practition-
er, was unlawfully detained for 15 days by the police, who tried
to force him to reveal my whereabouts. My child went to the
police station to reason with them, and in retaliation the
authorities ordered the school to suspend my child. The school
authorities took my child back to school and reprimanded him.
My child had to live on the street for those fifteen days to avoid
further harassment and persecution.
To expose the Chinese government's brutality, I participat-
ed in producing truth clarification materials about Falun Gong
and telling the true facts regarding the persecution of Falun
Gong to the public. For this, I was twice detained in the
Chaoyang Detention Center in Beijing. The first detention last-
ed over four months, and the second lasted over three months.
During these periods of illegal imprisonment I suffered from
constant beatings and torture by police thugs. Below is an
account of the torture and harassment against Falun Gong
practitioners that took place in the Chaoyang Detention Center.
I hope that kindhearted people will come to learn what is hap-
pening there.
Late in December 2000, the police discovered our site for
producing Falun Gong truth clarification materials. All five of us
there were brutally beaten and taken to the Chaoyang
Detention Center. After we were thrown in jail, the head of the
inmates in the cell again viciously beat us. After the beatings,
we were forced to stand naked against the wall as a punish-
ment. I asked the head of inmates why she beat us for no rea-
son. She replied, "The detention center guards ordered us to
do it. Each Falun Gong practitioner was to be beaten upon
arrival. You are no exception. [Chairman] Jiang gave the order
from high
The guards then forced us to stand outside in the cold win-
ter weather for more than 12 hours. As if that was not cruel
enough, the guards also beat me savagely. When I fell uncon-
scious, they poured buckets of icy water on me to revive me
and continue the "interrogation". They poked my breasts hard
with electric batons and shocked them.
There were over 30 Falun Gong practitioners in my cell.
There were Falun Gong practitioners in every cell of the deten-
tion center. They were from all over the country and they were
arrested for coming to Beijing to appeal to the government to
stop the persecution.
Falun Gong practitioners were interrogated and tortured
every day. Falun Gong practitioners frequently die under these
harsh conditions. It's just that these cases are not made pub-
lic. The authorities used all means to keep these deaths from
being known by the public. Every day, there are practitioners
sentenced to prison terms, sent to forced labor camps, and tor-
tured in the most heinous ways. The police have used all sorts
of torture devices and methods, including inserting electric
batons in vaginas of female practitioners to shock them,
shocking their nipples with batons, burning pubic hairs and pri-
vate parts with cigarette lighters, inserting dirty socks into the
vagina and rectum, etc. All Falun Gong practitioners who
refused to give up their faith were subjected to horrific tortures.
One Falun Gong practitioner, Mei Yulan, female, went on a
hunger strike to protest the torture and was force-fed by police.
She died in cell 607 of the Chaoyang Detention Center from the
brutal force-feeding.
Practitioner Li Zhen's eyes turned black and the entire
right side of her face turned dark purple as a result of the beat-
ings. A lady over 60 years old from Henan Province passed out
many times in an interrogation and torture session. A lady over
70 years old from Shenyang City, Liaoning Province lost control
of her bladder after the torture. The police also stuffed dirty
socks into vaginas and rectums of female practitioners Tan
Yingchun, from Xining City, Qinghai Province, and Pan
Dongmei, from Dianbai region in Guangdong Province.
Policeman Du Shijun boasted, "If you're so resourceful,
why don't you go ahead and report the abuses and brutalities
to the world? You go ahead! The Communist Party runs the dic-
tatorship and I just take orders!"
The heart-rending cries from practitioners during the tor-
ture often echo in my ears. The brutal scenes often appear in
front of my eyes. Those practitioners risked their lives for sim-
ply speaking out a few words of truth to the public. I hope all
kindhearted fellow countrymen will stand up against the brutal
persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.
Sexual Violations:Chaoyang Detention Center
Inhuman Torture and Sexual Assault by the Police of Chaoyang Detention Center in Beijing
A Survivor of Chaoyang Detention Center
Chaoyang Detention Center, Beijing
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Severe Torture at Tumuji Women's Labor Camp
Tumuji Women's Labor Camp is located in Inner Mongolia
Province and detained hundreds of female Falun Gong practi-
tioners. At the whim of the guards, all practitioners were
repeatedly abused and beaten. In more extreme situations of
abuse, the guards stripped off practitioners' clothing and
shocked them with high-voltage electric batons for hours. Due
to violent abuse, many practitioners have been seriously
injured and crippled, some so seriously that they were left
unable to care for themselves. Many practitioners have had
severe internal organ damage, some of whom are close to los-
ing their lives.
Because of practicing Falun Gong exercises, Ms. Yang
Chunxiang, Ms. Li Yumei, and Ms. Lu Hongwei were kicked in
their private parts, chests, and breasts by Yin Guijuan, the
chief of Team One. He even inserted an electric baton into their
mouths to shock them. Five female guards surrounded and
beat these three practitioners. They stepped on their bodies,
and shouted loudly, "What fun! What fun!"
In the fall of 2001, Ms. Wang Yin and Ms. Zhang Liyuan
were shocked and beaten for several hours by the Vice-Chief of
the team. Ms. Wang was beaten until she lapsed into a coma.
Her head was swollen and bruised. She could not recover even
four months after the beating.
For failing to fold her quilt in time, female guard Su Hong
slapped Ms. Jia Haiying's face continuously 24 times. This
caused Ms. Jia's teeth to be loosened and her facial skin to
crack severely. She finally fainted and fell to the ground.
Female guard Wang Guirong kicked Ms. Ji Yunzhi until she
fell to the ground because she said, "Falun Gong is good."
Several of her ribs were broken from the beating. Then two
male guards dragged Ms. Ji to the office and shocked her for
two hours using a high-voltage electric baton. As a result of this
torture, Ms. Ji has become incontinent and her legs are para-
Since Ms. Fan Xiaoli refused to sing the prisoners' song,
the director of Team Two, Luo Jinyun, shocked her until she
started having convulsions. She could not move after the tor-
ture. Ms. Peng Huiyi was also beaten for the same reason. The
guards punched her so hard that some of her teeth fell out.
Ms. Wang Chunyan could not walk after she was shocked
with an electric baton. Female guards Na Renhua, Liu Xiuhua,
and Yang Jie still cursed her and yelled, "If you cannot walk,
then crawl!"
Once a group of practitioners were shocked with electric
batons because they practiced Falun Gong exercises. The
guards surrounded and beat the practitioners. They kicked and
punched them, ripped off their clothes, and hit their necks with
electric batons. As a result of this abuse, Ms. Fu's face was
swelled and full of red marks, and became disfigured. Ms.
Zhao's and Ms. Zhang Xiuxia's legs were pinched until the skin
became blotchy and discolored. Two large clumps of Ms. Li
Yumei's hair were pulled out. Four strong guards grabbed Ms.
Wang Xiujie and threw her to the ground. Ms. Wang Chunyan
was shocked with an electric baton until her legs were para-
Because Ms. Liang refused to renounce Falun Gong, a
guard tortured her by hanging a heavy bucket of water from her
neck and slapping her.
Ms. Lu Xiumei was shocked with an electric baton and
beaten for reciting a Falun Gong book. The guards pinched her
breasts, hips, and private parts. She was hurt so badly that she
could not walk after the torture.
Ms. Liu Huirong, Ms. Guo Junxiu, Ms. Liu Chunyan, Ms. Li
Chunxia, Ms. Liu Zhun, and Ms. Liu Xiaoxin were hung up in the
air and forbidden to sleep. In addition, the guards stripped off
Ms. Liu Chunyan's pants to humiliate her.
Ms. Wang Yin could not bear the torture and attempted to
escape, but was caught, brought back, and severely beaten.
The severity of the beating caused her to lose her hearing
because of bleeding in her brain.
Sexual Assault and Malicious Torture at Beijing
Women's Labor Camp
I am detained in Beijing's Female Forced Labor Camp. I am
here because I believe in and practice Falun Gong. I was ille-
gally arrested at my home, and have repeatedly been subject-
ed to inhuman torture. I was often deprived of food. For long
periods of time, I was not allowed to sleep or to use the bath-
room. The guards often ordered the criminal inmates to beat
me up. In order to muffle my cries, the guards stuffed dirty
underwear, stained with menstrual blood from other females,
into my mouth. I was beaten until my body was completely cov-
ered with bruises. Another very determined practitioner had a
toothbrush rammed into her vagina and was sexually assault-
ed because she would not give up her belief in Falun Gong.
There was a practitioner who was sent here from the detention
center. Her lower back was severely twisted. Her head had
been twisted about 150 degrees, and almost faced her back.
When I first saw her, I thought she was in her 70s. She told me
that, in the detention center, she had received excruciating tor-
ture because she refused to renounce Falun Gong. The guards
then twisted her lower back, handcuffed her hands and feet
together while she was in that twisted position, and kept her
like that for over ten days. They wouldn't let her go to sleep for
nine consecutive days and nights, forced her to stand still with-
out moving, didn't give her any meals, and even forbade her to
use the toilet. Not until we had that discussion did I learn that
she was actually only in her 40s. A person in her 40s had,
through torture, been made to look like someone in her 70s,
simply because she held fast to her belief in Truthfulness-
Sexual Violations:Tumuji Women's Labor Camp
background image
Sexual Violations: Judong Women's Labor Camp
In 2001, under orders to intensify the persecution of Falun
Gong practitioners, and to achieve a higher so-called "transfor-
mation rate," authorities of the Judong Women's Labor Camp
in Jiangsu Province started to carry out inhuman torture on
more than 400 Falun Gong practitioners in the No. 3 and 4
subdivisions. Director Xu Xinzhen and Captain Zhou Ruihua of
the 4
subdivision applied electric shocks and imposed a
"standing-and-no-sleeping" torture on practitioners. They also
chose tall and strong criminal inmates to "cluster" (stay in the
same room) with the practitioners. Guards Zhou Ruihua, Hong
Ying, Huo Yan, and others openly used brutal force, throwing
practitioners around, slapping their faces, punching and kick-
ing them, pulling their hair, and also using many other humili-
ating torture methods.
Qin Yanqiu, female, resident of Jiangsu Province.
Miao Qi, a director of the female sub-unit, and guard Jiang
Dongmei of the fifth team forced Ms. Qin Yanqiu to squat and
stand for eighteen days and nights. She was not allowed to
sleep, sit, talk, or go to the toilet. They stopped torturing her
only when she suffered from incontinence, looked extremely
pale and weak, and her life was in danger.
The police also ordered other inmates to join their torture
of Falun Gong practitioners. They stripped off practitioners'
clothes and held them on the ground, with one person sitting
on the upper body and another person sitting on the lower
body. They humiliated and assaulted the practitioners by
viciously pinching and piercing their nipples with needles. They
used a square stool to pound on their abdomens, they kicked
their lower bodies, hit their private parts with their knees,
pulled their pubic hair, and stuffed paper into their vaginas.
They also pinched practitioners in the lower abdominal area
and their inner thighs.
1. Du Xiuju, female, 42, single, a former teacher of the
Technical School in Lianyun Harbor, Jiangsu Province.
2. Huang Hongping, female, 35, a 1989 graduate from
Department of Chemistry, Hehai University, Jiangsu
Practitioner Ms. Du Xiuju suffered from vaginal bleeding
for over one month after being tortured. The practitioner who
suffered the most was Ms. Huang Hongping. Xie and other
vicious policemen kicked her head and face, pulled her hair,
slammed her head against the wall, and shocked her. The tor-
ture made her lose control of her bladder and bowels. They
even cursed and yelled at her during the beating, saying, "We
will beat you to death just like we would beat a dog to death,
and the authorities will never investigate our actions." Ms.
Huang's abdominal area, the inner side of her thighs, and her
entire lower body turned black and blue. Even after lying in bed
for more than one month, she couldn't walk normally, having to
rely on two persons to support her.
Yu Shuxia, female, resident of Jiangsu Province.
Six prisoners who had been prostitutes took turns beating
Ms. Yu Shuxia for three days to force her to renounce her prac-
tice of Falun Gong. Her eye sockets were blackened from the
beating, her face and whole body were swollen, and bruises
covered her entire body. These prostitutes took advantage of
the guards' support. They pinched the tendons of her thighs
and pulled her pubic hair. She called for help many times, but
no one came to intervene; she nearly lost her life. In order to
conceal her grievous injuries, the labor camp authorities
locked her in a storage room for over 20 days until the swelling
had eased up.
Song Weijuan, female, resident of Jiangsu Province.
On March 16, 2002, Ms. Song Weijuan was handcuffed
with her hands behind her back and pinned down to the
ground by seven or eight male and female guards led by Zhao
Yulan and Zheng Qihui. They shocked her with electric batons
while interrogating her. They shocked her mouth if she refused
to talk. To prevent her from screaming due to the pain, the
guards stuffed dirty rags into her mouth.
Liu Xiue, female, 59, resident of Jiangsu Province.
Ms. Liu Xiue was tortured by being forced to stand still,
without sleep, on and off for more than twenty days and nights,
simply because she refused to copy a note slandering Falun
Gong. The police took off all her clothes and forced her to
stand naked in the yard to humiliate her. For refusing to copy
the slandering note, almost all the practitioners were forced to
stand still and were deprived of sleep. Over a dozen practition-
ers in the No. 11 team were forced to stand for eleven days and
Needling of Nipples, Pulling of Pubic Hair, Baton Rape, and Shock at Judong Women's Labor Camp
Judong Women's Labor Camp, Jiangsu Province
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Sexual Violations
nights. Their feet and legs became red and swollen, and they
were mentally exhausted. It was the middle of summer, and
each practitioner's body was covered with mosquito bites. 62-
year-old Ms. Wu Qunying suddenly fainted and fell on her face.
On the second day, her eye sockets turned blue and her eyes
turned red. Only on the eleventh night did the guards cease
this inhuman torture.
Kong Qingmei, female, resident of Jiangsu Province.
Since Ms. Kong Qingmei refused to copy a note slandering
Falun Gong, guard Zhang Yan instigated a vicious prisoner,
Ding Lilin, who had been convicted of prostitution, to injure her
hip and legs. Thereafter Ms. Kong had to rely on other people's
support to walk.
Chen Yujie, female, 54, resident of Jiangsu Province.
Guards Zhao Yulan and Zhou Ying often locked Ms. Chen
Yujie in a confinement room for no reason, forcing her to stand
still and not sleep. Her legs and feet became so swollen that
she was unable to put on her shoes. Her physical condition
deteriorated quickly. She vomited whenever she ate food.
Guards Zhao and Zhou ordered four prisoners to forcibily pour
medicine into her nose, eyes, ears, and mouth, which caused
her ears to get infected, causing her to lose her hearing. She
became very skinny, her weight dropping from 160 pounds to
98 pounds. She became paralyzed and is no longer able to
take care of herself.
Wang Lanfeng, female, resident of Jiangsu Province.
Guard Xiao Jiantao, called "the #1 Killer," kicked Ms. Wang
Lanfeng so hard that the bone and flesh on her calf separated.
She had been locked up in the confinement room more than
ten times and was tortured by being forced to stand without
sleeping. The guards even shocked her with four electric
batons at the same time.
In 2002, the guards of Judong Women's Labor Camp
became more vicious. They used four or five people to attack
and brainwash one practitioner. They started from 5 a.m. and
continued until 3 a.m. the next day. They tried to brainwash
practitioners one after another and deprived them of sleep.
The brainwashing lasted for at least 40-50 days and some-
times for more than 80 or 90 days.
Changchun Police Took Practitioners into
Wilderness for Torture and Rape
By A Falun Gong Practitioner once Detained by Changchun Police
As their barbaric tortures of Falun Gong have been
exposed more and more to the public, the police in Changchun
city have been taking practitioners out of detention centers
and labor camps far into the wilderness to torture them. In the
middle of the night the police dragged detained practitioners
out of their cells, covered their eyes so they would not know
where they were taken, and tortured them mercilessly. Under
the cover of dark night, some police have sexually violated
female practitioners. The policemen even boasted to each
other, such as "The forest in Jingyue Mountain is a wonderful
place to have fun. You can hear all kinds of screams from Falun
Gong [practitioners]." Some practitioners who were taken out
did not return, and no one knows what happened to them.
One place where the police conduct their crimes regularly
is in the mountains. The police tied up some of the practition-
ers, grabbed them by their heads and feet, and threw them
against a tree. While torturing the practitioners they said, "We
will bury you here if we end up beating you to death. Nobody
would know!" One practitioner was dragged to a nearby moun-
tain in the middle of the night and severely beaten. The police
said, "Give up Falun Gong, or we will throw you into the moun-
tain stream!"
Some police used electric batons to shock female practi-
tioners' breasts, forcibly shocking the sensitive nipple area.
The police even shocked practitioners in their vaginas.
Practitioners who were menstruating were not spared and
were shocked to bleed profusely, so their pants were soaked in
blood. The police often drank alcohol before and during their
torture session. While drunk, some police attempted to rape
female practitioners. One heartless policeman said, "The base-
ment is the perfect place to straighten out Falun Gong practi-
tioners, it's no big deal to kill one or two!"
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Beijing Police Officer Beats and Rapes a Female
Falun Gong Practitioner in Public
After 9:00 pm on May 14, 2001, I was alone and pasting
up Falun Gong flyers along the street from Dabeiyao to the
Yong'anli city canal, Beijing.
A plainclothes policeman who was on patrol duty stopped
me. He was in his 30's, about 1.65 meters tall and quite
strong. He claimed he was a policeman, briefly flashed his
work ID, and wanted to take me to the police station. He
viciously groped around my lower body using the excuse of con-
ducting a body search. I struggled to get free and ran down the
street. He chased after me on his bicycle and beat me fiercely
with a rubber baton for over an hour, bringing me to the verge
of death. There were about a dozen passersby who came to
watch during that time. He then shouted, "She is a Falun Gong
practitioner. If I beat her to death, it will count as nothing." No
passerby dared to stop, and hastily left. Two of my front teeth
fell out and I had many wounds on my head. My whole body
turned black and blue from the bruises and became swollen. I
felt extreme pain from the inside of my body. The policeman
then hit me fiercely with his baton on my right ear and temple
and as a result I lost consciousness. Then he dragged me
under the bridge and raped me. After that, he forced his rubber
baton into my vagina using his full strength, and then sat on
me. When I regained consciousness I stated that I would sue
him at the police station, he then fearfully ran away on his bicy-
Sexual Violations