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Forced to Hold Painful Positions for Extended Time  
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"Flying an Airplane"

Victims are forced to bend over while holding their legs straight. The person's head is bent down until it cannot go down any further, while the hands are pulled up and held up to the highest point. The hips have to point up. The body in this position looks like the shape of an airplane, which is how this torture de-rived its name. With the feet close together, the arms are lifted to the highest position and the hands must touch the wall.

1. Yu Lixin, female, 27, resident of Dalian City, Liaoning Province

Flying an Airplane

Ms. Yu Lixin was detained at the Dalian City Detention Center because she practiced Falun Gong. On the evening of April 15, 2001, she was forced to stand with her hands clasped behind her head and, at the same time, bow down at a 90-degree angle. Mean-while, she was beaten, kicked and shocked on the back of her neck with an electric baton. There were bruises all over her body. In the early morning on April 16, 2001, Ms. Yu was escorted to a room on the fifth floor, ostensibly to clean it. All of the rooms in the detention center had iron parapets enclosing the windows, except for the room that Ms. Yu was supposed to be cleaning. Shortly after being escorted to the room, she was seen falling from the window. The fall killed her.   


2. Li Binghua, male, 39, a farmer, resident of Yuxin Town, Tianmen City, Hubei Province

In May 2000, Mr. Li Binghua went to Beijing to appeal to the government to stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Consequently, he was arrested and sentenced to one year of forced labor at the Shayang Labor Camp.

The Labor Camp officers did not allow him to rest. Even when Mr. Li was walking, they forcefully made him walk as if "flying an airplane." They ceaselessly insulted him and took turns telling dirty stories and saying disgusting things in his ears. They intentionally pulled him out of the restroom when he was in the middle of urinating, and they did not let him use toilet tissue when he went to the toilet. They would stop him or put dirty things into his bowl when he had only finished half of his meal.

Four inmates, instigated by the camp officers, often took turns beating Mr. Li, slamming his head or body against the wall. This kind of torture occurred over a long period. As a result, Mr. Li began to exhibit the behavior of someone who is brain-damaged. The labor camp authorities locked Mr. Li in a "solitary confinement" cell to isolate him from others.


Hao Airong, female, resident in Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province

Ms. Hao Airong was sent to Jia City Labor Camp on July 25, 2000 for refusing to give up her belief in Falun Gong. She was tortured by being placed in a cell too small to stand, sit, or lie down in. She was forced to squat in the small cell. She felt severe pain in her legs from this torture. Her legs became paralyzed, ulcerated, and deformed from the lack of blood circulation caused by this torture. She can no longer take care of herself.

"Handcuffed in a Painful Position"

Bai Yuzhi, female, a member of the Political Consultative Congress of Jingxing County, Hebei Province

Ms. Bai Yuzhi was detained at Kaiping Labor Camp of Tangshan City in Hebei Province because she would not renounce Falun Gong. She went on a hunger strike for 62 days to protest her unlawful detention. During her hunger strike, she was locked in an isolated small cell for half a month. In the cell, she was handcuffed from midnight until morning. At night, she was only allowed to wear underwear even though the windows and the door of the cell were kept open in the cold winter. One of her hands was handcuffed to the highest point in the cell, while the other hand was handcuffed to the lowest point. She had to stay in this tortuous position by half squatting down. The toilet was placed immediately in front of her so she had to smell the stench all night. She was tortured to the brink of death, only managing to survive through emergency intervention.

"Tied up"
Injury to Mr. Yao’s arm

Yao Hexing
, male, 25, employee of the Jingchun Fabric Company, Anqiu City, Shandong Province

On October 10, 1999, Mr. Yao Hexing went to Beijing to appeal to the government to stop persecuting Falun Gong. The police arrested him and detained him for thirty days at the Anqiu City Police Bureau. During the detention, he was bound up with rope made of hemp for 22 hours. Due to the length of time and the tight binding, the muscles in his arm were deprived of blood circulation and became necrotic (a condition in which the tissue dies). Afterward, he had to undergo a skin graft operation.


Sitting on "Triangle-ridged Iron Plank"
“Triangle-Ridged Iron Plank”

This torture plank is made of iron with very sharp triangular ridges. Victims are forced to sit on it. It causes victims' buttocks to bleed and fester.

Qi Yingjun, male, resident of Shandong Province

In June 2001, Mr. Qi Yingjun was forced to sit on the "Ridged Iron Plank" and shocked simultaneously with 8 electric batons, while being illegally detained at Wangcun Forced Labor Camp.

"Carrying a Sword on the Back"

“Carrying Sword” Position
The hands are tied behind the victim's back with one hand pulled over the shoulder and the other pulled up from the lower back. A great deal of force is then applied to pull the two hands toward one another, handcuffing them together. This position causes extreme pain in just 20 minutes.

1. Jing Xiaohong, female, 34, an employee of Daqing Oil Administrative Bureau in Daqing City

Ms. Jing Xiaohong has been tortured with "Carrying a Sword on the Back" at the Honggang District Shengli Police Station.

2. Liu Guihong, female, 47, employee at the Jiamusi City Chemical Pharmaceutical Factory, Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province

On December 31, 2000, Ms. Liu Guihong was arrested at the railway station in Shengyang City, when she was on her way to Beijing. She was detained in Shanhaiguan City. Three policemen handcuffed her in the "Carrying a Sword" position. She was then severely beaten. The policemen kicked her stomach, legs, and other parts of her body with their leather boots. With her cuffed hands behind her, they pushed her against the wall, and kicked her repeatedly. Each time they kicked her, the whole weight of her body fell on her handcuffed hands, causing her great pain. The pain was so intense, Ms. Liu fainted, but the barbaric police revived her with cold water and resumed beating her, until there were bruises covering her entire body. Some parts of her legs never completely healed and she developed very deep scars. Her thumbs and little fingers have remained numb for a few months.


While chained in this way, guards of-ten use electrical batons, iron-cored rubber clubs, and spiked clubs to beat practitioners. The insults and beatings given to female practitioners are often the more brutal of all.

"Tied to a Bed"

1. Zhao Fengxia, female, 48, resident of Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province

On November 6, 2001, Ms. Zhao Fengxia was detained with the 12th team of the Wanjia Labor Camp. She was often forced to sit on a hard stool, and not allowed to move for a long time. On May 24, 2001, the guard kicked her right rib so hard that she could not take a breath. She was suffocating and urinated in her pants. The guards beat her so severely that she lost consciousness. Later she was tied to a bedpost in such a position that she could neither stand straight up nor squat down for five days and nights.

2. Hu Chang'an, male

In 2000, in order to force Mr. Hu Chang'an to give up his Falun Gong practice, the camp guards ordered the inmates to tie Mr. Hu to the bed. Mr. Hu was tied to the bed for seventeen days. During these days, he was not allowed to go to the restroom and had to urinate and defecate on the bed. The rope cut deeply into Mr. Hu's arms. After the torture Mr. Hu's fingers remained numb for a long time.
While he was bound to the bed Mr. Hu's face and mouth were covered with a bed sheet. Six inmates took turns using their knuckles, fists and elbows to scrape hard against his chest bones. His chest became black and blue. They also struck his face. His eyes be-came swollen and his mouth and nose bled. One of the inmates stomped with his heels on Mr. Hu's penis and the inner side of his legs. The inmates also burned his feet with lit cigarettes. Moreover, they put a stool under Mr. Hu's waist and one of the inmates sat on Mr. Hu's belly and pressed hard against the bench. The continuous torture made Mr. Hu lose his hearing for a long time. His kidneys were also injured. He was un-able to even turn in bed and could not walk normally for a month.

"Tortured under a Bed"

1. Chen Gang, male; Duan Peichen, male; Hu Chang'an, male; Zhang Dahai, male; Cui Xiangjun, male; Lu Changjun, male; detained at the Beijing Tuanhe Labor Camp

In February 2001, because the above practitioners of the 2nd team refused to renounce Falun Gong at the Tuanhe Labor Camp, the guards tied their hands behind their backs and pushed them under the beds. Only the practitioners' feet were left sticking out from under the bed. The inmates took off the practitioners' shoes and socks and tied their feet to small campstools. Then they struck the arches of their feet with the soles of plastic shoes until their feet turned blue. Also some practitioners' mouths were gagged with rags. When practitioners passed out, the guards pulled them out and poured cold water to re-vive them, and then pushed them back under the beds. Some practitioners were left under the bed and were not allowed to come out for several days. As a result of this torture, they could not walk for two weeks.

2. Zhao Ming, male, 30, a postgraduate student from the Computer Science Department at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland

On July 21, 2000, since Mr. Zhao Ming refused to renounce Falun Gong. Jiang, the team leader of the 2nd team of the Tuanhe Labor Camp, instructed some inmates to torture him. The inmates forced Mr. Zhao to sit in a basin and bend his head to his feet, and then they squeezed him under the bed. His body was under the bed propping up the bed boards. The inmates sat on the bed to push the boards down on him. After twenty minutes of torture, several camp guards dragged Mr. Zhao out and they beat him for over two hours. Mr. Zhao's legs were all black and his knees were swollen. For five days he couldn't go to the bathroom normally, and for two weeks he couldn't walk on his own.

"Tied to Trees"

1. Qiu Liying, female, from Shijiazhuang City
2. Bai Yuzhi, female, from Jingxing County
3. Zhou Ximeng, female, from Shijiazhuang City
4. Duan Jinjin, female, 24, from Shijiazhuang City
5. He Jing, female, 24, from Hebei Province
6. Li Qing, female, from Hebei Province
7. Tao Tao, female, from Hebei Province
8. Kang Shuxiang, female, from Langfang City

In early November 1999, because the above practitioners practiced Falun Gong exercises at the Kaiping Labor Camp in Tangshan City, the police tied them up to different trees, dragged them by their hair and banged their heads against the trees. Then the police found some dirty rags from a garbage can and stuffed into their mouths. They also stuffed dirty sanitary napkins into practitioners' mouths. Afterwards, the police beat up the practitioners while they were tied to the trees.

"Solitary Confinement" or "Small Cell"

Many Falun Gong practitioners were thrown into "solitary confinement" or the "small cell" because they refused to renounce Falun Gong. In the tiny cells, they were given only two bowls of water a day for drinking and washing. The practitioners also had to eat, drink, and relieve themselves in these cells. Sometimes they were forced to sit completely still for several hours a day. In the summer, the small chamber can get unbearably hot, and the practitioners developed rashes and other eruptions all over their bodies. When some practitioners were found doing the Falun Gong exercises, the camp guards poured buckets of water on them; the water covered the cell floors to a depth of five to ten inches.
The practitioner was forced to stand for
a long period of time
 in the “Small Cell”

1. Zhang Guirong, female, 47, resident of Tongcheng Street, Acheng City

On February 14, 2001, Ms. Zhang Guirong, was sent to the Wanjia Labor Camp simply because she did Falun Gong exercises in public. From February 22 to March 9, 2001, she was placed in solitary confinement. The guards tortured her by forcing her to stand for seventeen to eighteen hours every day. They also did not allow her to sleep for sixty hours straight. In addition, they handcuffed her to the cell door for three days and two nights. Later, they hung her up with her arms tied behind her back and only the tips of her feet were touching the ground. As a result of this torture, Ms. Zhang suffered from chronic numbness in her right hand. On June 19, 2001, Ms. Zhang was hung up by her hands, which were tied behind her. She was hung up for thirty-two hours with her mouth sealed such that it was hard for her to breathe. As a result of being hung-up, her feet became red and swollen, she was not able to walk or squat, and it was difficult for her to turn over when lying in bed.

2. Zhao Xue, female

Ms. Zhao Xue was shocked on her ears, on the back of her neck, and on her throat. She was placed in solitary confinement in a tiny cell and deprived of sleep for two days and nights. In addition, she was kept in the cell under supervision for three and a half days. While she was in the cell, the camp officers beat and stunned Ms. Zhao with electric batons, which resulted in her blood pressure shooting up to 220/140. Instead of receiving medical attention, however, she was forced to stand or squat until midnight. This torture left Ms. Zhao with severe vertigo and she would lose her balance whenever she tried to walk.

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