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After Thirteen Months of Solitary Confinement, Mr. Pang Shikun Died in Siping Prison
...he learned about Falun Gong from a practitioner who was detained there, then he began practicing it while in jail. The police guards demanded him to stop, he refused...

Ms. Kong Qian Tortured and Sentenced 9 Years in Prison
...She was not allowed to sleep and was force-fed and beaten until she went into convulsions. Her arms and legs were shackled to a cross for seven days and nights...

Mr. Jiang Honglu Sentenced to 14 Years in Jail and in Critical Condition
Just because of Mr. Jiang's peaceful practice of Falun Gong, the police even fired gunshots to arrest him. He was severely injured from the shooting and then sentenced to 14 years in prison. Mr. Jiang is in very weak condition, his mouth is disfigured, his arms tremble constantly, and was diagnosed with multiple cerebral infarctions...

Mr. Zhao Qingshan Died Due to Tortured in Heilongjiang Province
When Mr. Zhao was released, he was in critical condition and could not eat at all. His entire body was in pain and he was unable to take care of himself. He remained bedridden for more than two years and was never able to regain his health...

Sexual Torture Used on Mr. Zhang Shihang to Force Him to Give Up His Belief in Falun Gong
...shocked his scrotum with the electric baton. Mr. Zhang convulsed and lost consciousness. After a while the two policewomen locked Mr. Zhang onto the metal bed face down. Suddenly, Mr. Zhang felt a sharp burning pain on his anus. His limbs contracted and the handcuffs and ropes went deeper into his wrists and heels...

Ms. Xiao Sumin Tortured to Death within a Month
...After suffering more than two weeks of continuous torture, Ms. Xiao was on the verge of death. Her body was swollen, an infusion hose was inserted into the root of her inner thigh, both her hands, feet and inner thigh areas were purple in color, and there were three holes on her neck...

Sculptor and Teacher Mr. Wang Deqian is Again Arrested
Mr. Wang is a sculptor and artist well known in the area. He was arrested again after years of imprisonment in a labor camp where he was tied up on a wood board bed and policemen shocked Mr. Wang’s genital with a high-voltage electric baton...

Mr. Lü Renqing Sentenced for Expressing His Opinions and Dies of Prolonged Torture
...under orders from the guards, three prisoners coerced Mr. Lü into an empty cell, stuffed his mouth, and then beat him until all three of the prisoners were exhausted. He was injured all over his body and had two broken ribs. Mr. Lü was unable to take care of himself for over a month. While not yet recovered, he was forced to sit on small plastic stool as another form of torture. Starting in September 2005, he began to cough up blood and had difficulty breathing...

Ms. Li Fengzhen Crippled Mentally from the Persecution
...she was severely beaten by the police and suffered a serious brain damage. In the Ankang Hospital, she was injected with an unknown drug. In just two months she went from being a normal, healthy person to losing her memory. She became distraught, did not recognize the people with whom she was once familiar...



Standing for Conscience

None of us in Free Countries around the world understand what it takes for China's oppressed to stand up and demand their most basic human rights under the totalitarian regime of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). While we have the rule of law, they face the ruling CCP sitting on their backs telling them what to do, what to say, and what to believe. While we can criticize our governments in a free press protected by a Constitution, under the CCP the Party is the boss responsible for what they should know, the policeman who arrests them without cause, the judiciary that finds them guilty of violating arbitrary laws, without evidence or due process, and the prison guard who tortures them for having just one independent thought.>>FULL STORY

It's a Matter of Conscience

Many people write to us and ask why our work revolves around China, why do we not work to stop the U.S. from committing so many reprehensible acts against its victims?

The simple and straightforward answer is: because we are determined to defend the most fundamental right of human beings, the right to conscience, and to stop the worst of all crimes, crimes against conscience.

In the U.S. Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson proclaimed that all men are endowed with "certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Those unalienable rights, unfortunately, have too often been taken away from human beings.>>FULL STORY


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In July 1999, the Chinese government placed a ban on Falun Gong and its 100 million practitioners. Since then, millions of Falun Gong practitioners have faced serious violations of their human rights. Hundreds of thousands of people have already been detained in Chinese prisons and labor camps because they practice Falun Gong. Thousands have been tortured to death; tens of thousands are undergoing torture and are at risk of a custodial execution. There are many cases of "disappearances" of Falun Gong practitioners. Currently, no one knows the true toll of lives lost or persons subjected to extreme torture due to the crackdown against Falun Gong in China, but preliminary data indicates that this is one of the most devastating events in modern history.



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